How to Set Up and Use a Pod Vape

Over the years in which the vaping industry has existed, the products have improved by leaps and bounds. When you buy a new pod system like the Aspire AVP or the Aspire Spryte, you can expect to receive a device that looks great and works with the utmost of reliability. That’s true for vapers around the world, from those who buy their vape kits in the UK from Exhale Cigarette to overseas vapers who shop at vape shops like Premium Vape Australia.

One thing about vaping, however, hasn’t changed: The instruction manual included with the average vape kit is as incomplete and unreadable as ever. That might not be a problem for you if you’re an experienced vaper and never read the instruction manuals that come with new devices anyway. If you’re upgrading from a convenience store e-cigarette to your first refillable pod system, though, figuring out how to use your new device can present a bit of a challenge. We’re here to help. This is your simple guide for setting up and using any pod vaping system.

How to Charge a Pod Vape

To ensure that you’ll get the best possible battery life from your pod vape, you’ll want to charge the battery fully before using the device for the first time. When you remove the device from its package, you’ll find that the box includes a charging cable or cradle. Connect the cable or cradle to your computer and then connect the charging accessory to your pod vape. The pod vape should have an indicator light, which will either flash or turn red while the battery charges. When the charge cycle is complete, the light will turn off or change to green. At this point, you’re ready to continue setting the device up.

Important Tip

  • Never attempt to charge a pod system or other vaping device using the mains adapter for a tablet or mobile phone. Mobile devices have batteries that are tested and certified for compatibility with high-speed charging. To reduce the chance of overheating, vaping devices are designed for charging at lower rates.

How to Fill a Vape Pod

To fill a vape pod, you’ll begin by lifting the pod straight up to remove it from the device. On the side or bottom of the pod, you’ll see a filling hole covered with a silicone stopper. The stopper will most likely be red or black. Lift the stopper with your fingernail and insert the nozzle of a bottle of e-liquid into the filling hole. Squeeze the bottle until the pod is almost full. Replace the stopper and put the pod back into the device.

Important Tip

  • When you fill a vape pod, you should always leave a little empty space at the top of the pod. If the pod is completely full, you’ll flood the pod’s atomizer coil assembly when you replace the stopper. The excess e-liquid may leak out of the intake vents at the bottom of the pod, potentially causing damage to your device’s internal electronics.
  • After filling a new pod for the first time, you should wait several minutes before you begin vaping. Many vape pods have cotton wicks, and that means your pod’s wick can burn – ruining the pod’s flavour forever – if you use the pod before the wick is completely saturated with e-liquid. If you experience a harsh burnt flavour when using a vape pod for the first time, it’s very likely that the wick is dry.

How to Use a Pod Vape

Your pod system may have a manual fire button, or it may have automatic puff-based firing. A few pod systems have both activation options. In this section of the article, we’ll tell you how to use both types of devices.

If you have a pod system with automatic firing, you can vape simply by puffing on the device as if you were smoking a cigarette. The device detects the change in air pressure and produces vapour automatically. Many people prefer pod systems with automatic firing because vaping feels more like smoking when you don’t have to hold a fire button. However, a device that activates based on air pressure will always have a slight delay before it begins to generate vapour.

If you have a pod system with manual firing, you’ll vape by puffing on the device’s mouthpiece while holding the fire button. If nothing happens when you try to vape, the device is probably turned off; press the fire button five times to turn it on. While using a device with manual firing may not feel as much like smoking compared to a pod system with automatic firing, the benefit of manual activation is that you’ll get slightly bigger vapour clouds because you can press the button before you puff. That way, there’s no delay before the device begins to generate vapour.

Important Tip: When you use your pod system, don’t puff as firmly as you would when smoking a cigarette. If you use too much air pressure, you’ll draw e-liquid into the pod’s centre air channel. Your device will begin to make a gurgling sound, and you may end up getting e-liquid in your mouth. Always use light air pressure when vaping.

How to Replace the Coil in a Pod Vape

With some pod systems, the atomizer coil is a permanent part of the pod. When you’re no longer happy with the pod’s flavour, you’ll discard the pod and begin using a new one. Other pod systems, however, have replaceable atomizer coils. If your pod system has that design, you can use the same pod as long as you like. You’ll simply replace the atomizer coil when the pod’s flavour changes.

To replace the coil in a pod vape, use the device until the pod is empty and then remove the pod from the device. On the underside of the pod, you’ll see the circular outline of the atomizer coil. Pull the coil out of the pod and push a new coil in. Remember that using a new atomizer coil is the same as using an entirely new pod in that you’ll need to give the e-liquid several minutes to soak into the coil’s wick before you begin vaping.

29th Nov 2021 Jason Artman

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