Standard Batteries & Plinths

Standard Batteries & Plinths

EXhales' awesome range of standard batteries

Our range of 'standard' batteries provide all the power you need to drive forward your vaping experience. 

In this section you're sure to find the perfect battery to meet your preference and desire. We offer choices in battery size, shape, colour & style and also those that offer batteries different storage capacities too. Storage capacity is measured in mAh (milliAmps per Hour).

Please scroll down to view our current range:

Please Note:

Batteries that are described as standard refer to them being separate from those in the MOD or Sub Ohm categories. A standard battery will not power a device that is created for Sub Ohm use. If in any doubt at all, please contact us before making your purchase.

For Sub Ohm and Mod batteries, please visit here -> MOD Batteries

For 18650 Lithium cells please visit here -> MOD Battery Cells


All standard batteries have built in safety features programmed in all of which are monitored by the battery's clever microcircuitry during use. You are provided with protection from overheating, short circuit or by using the lock/unlock feature from accidental discharge of stored power..


Several battery options come with additional features such as Variable Voltage (VV) or varable wattage (VW) or a mix of the two.

See our section Variable Voltage Standard Batteries to see these additional featured batteries by visiting here: Variable Voltage range

Our EVOD eGo Twist II batteries are Variable Voltage and SMOK eMax is both Variable Voltage (VV) & Variable Wattage (VW).

Notes on using VV/VW batteries.

  • Take care not to offer voltage or wattage that is set to high for your atomiser resistance (measured in oHms). Doing so will damage the wick and this will spoil the taste of your liquid and in the worst case scenario will blow your coil.
  • We recommend turning the setting at its lowest and then increasing gradually until you have found your 'sweet spot'.


Many of the newer eCig starter kits now are offered with only one battery. For this reason most users choose to buy 1 oven 2 additional batteries for use while the original is on charge or, they are purchased as replacements once the original battery has come to the end of its lifespan. 

Please Note

eCig batteries are functional devices which will eventually begin to fail. On average lithium cells offer around 300 recharge cycles. For best performance: keep at room temperature & keep contact points & connection threads cleaned daily (preferably before connecting for recharging to prevent contaminating the charging lead with any liquid residues) and fully recharging for the recommended time span. Remove from charge as soon as charge cycle is completed & put into lock mode if not being used immediately. Always lock battery between vape sessions and during transportation to protect stored power.


Most standard eCig batteries are dual threaded featuring both the eGoo & 510 thread connections which are the ones used across the eCig and vaping industry. A battery that is dual threaded can therefore be used with many different clearomisers and atomisation devices giving you the widest possible choice.

The eGo/Amego, EVOD eGo Twist, SMOK eMax and Aspire CF G-power series are all dual threaded and are compatible with all standard atomiser devices such as the Kanger's MT3S & T3S, The Kangertech eMus tank and of course their popular ProTank series. They are also suitable with Aspire's CE5 BVC clearomisers as well as the original eGo CE4/CE5 clearomisers.


  • Please note that some batteries are in a category known as Sub Ohm. Sub Ohm batteries are not suitable for use with standard atomiser devices.
  • Sub Ohm atomisers, while mainly having a 510 connection and therefore will attach to the standard battery however, the battery is not capably of running it.


Sub Ohm Vaping is recommended for advanced users only and is catered for in a different area of our website under the heading of MODS.

Only use Sub Ohm atomisers with Sub Ohm batteries. Standard batteries will not run them. If you are unsure, please ask us for further guidance.

For more in depth information on Sub Ohm vaping please visit the MOD section of our store: Go there now by clicking here -> www.


  • Please make yourself aware of all features offered by your battery & always charge it safely.
  • It us your responsibility to ensure you are using the correct charging equipment for your battery.
  • You must NEVER use an adaptor that has not been supplied specifically for charging of an eCig battery. Doing so presents serious risk of accident and/or fire.


Is available 24/7 under our tab Help & Guides  where you'll discover a wealth of information intended for those who might be seeking additional guidance.

Of course we are always delighted to speak or email with you and happy to answer any of your questions so if you cannot find the information you are seeking you'll find our contact details and live times listed on our Contact Us page.


We strongly recommend the use of a LiPo Guard Safety Charging Bag when charging your electronic cigarette batteries 

Please also view our guide: Lithium Batteries - Care & Safety Warnings 


Please read our information page on charging batteries whilst travelling internationally or charging from the 12v socket in your car/vehicle using an adaptor

To go to our information page now please click here ->Charging Abroad or In Your Vehicle

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    EGO Battery 650mAh

    EGO Battery 650mAh

    Now: £8.50
    Was: £9.00
    AMEGO 650mAh Battery   The AMEGO Battery 650mAh is compatible with the Amego, CE5, Kyngo, and the entire clearomiser range. It makes a great replacement or back-up battery for your electronic cigarette kit to ensure that you’ll always have a...
    Now: £8.50
    Was: £9.00
  • eGo 900mAh battery

    EGO Battery 900mAh

    AmEGO 900mAh Battery The AMEGO Battery 900mAh is compatible with standard 510 & eGo threaded clearomisers and makes a great replacement, additional or back-up battery for your standard electronic cigarette kit. Having additional batteries will...
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    Ego Plinths 5-pack

    Ego Plinths 5-pack

    Now: £0.25
    Was: £2.00
    Ego Plinth. Fill the gap with this beauty! The addition of a plinth which sits between the battery and clearomiser adds greater stability and fills the gap that would otherwise be present.  Atomiser, Cartomiser, Cartridge & Clearomiser...
    Now: £0.25
    Was: £2.00