Why Choose EXhale?

Are you asking why you should choose to shop with EXhale rather than with anyone else?

There are so many reasons ..... 

Our Enthusiasm; we're incredibly enthusiastic about VAPING'. We can literally go on & on (and on) about it for hours expounding about its virtues & benefits… Perhaps then our sheer enthusiasm should be the most compelling reason for you to choose EXhale as your vape supplier

Our product range & standards;  This must be a surefire reason for you to choose EXhale. Our showcase of products certainly serves as further evidence of our enthusiasm. 

When choosing to shop with EXhale for your e-cigarettes, your eliquids & all of your other vaping accessories you can be assured we don't just sell the products be we also use them in our everyday lives. 

The fact that we use the products we sell in our daily lives before even considering stocking a product upon our shelves it has to meet in every possible way our own very demanding and high standards.

We genuinely care; What makes EXhale a cut above the rest and another reasons why you should choose EXhale is that, no matter if you're new to vaping or to EXhale, or if you're an existing customer who has been with us from the start is that we care. Very much about YOU & your experiences.

When you talk to us, be it by phone or via a message we take time & we listen to your needs. We are, having been in it from the outset, in a unique position to offer you our in-depth product knowledge of vaping & vaping products and, if you will allow us to, we will happily assist you as an individual.

By offering our experience & taking your individual preferences into account we can be of the most help guiding you  toward making product choices that will make vaping a success in YOUR life.  With EXhale you have real peace of mind that you are buying products that fit YOU & YOUR lifestyle.


Value & Price; One of the most compelling reasons behind why people come to shop at EXhale which most probably comes before all other reasons above is that we price our products sensibly.


We have placed price as being of less importance in  offering reasons to choose us though of course we do realise that you demand good value and will be looking to save money.

While we feel that our other virtues will also save you money by preventing you from buying the wrong products etc and helping you succeed rather than fail, we also ensure our prices are competitive.

Additionally we offer loads of great discounts so you'll save £££'s when compared to the price of shopping elsewhere.

We bear some a portion of the cost of all shipping on all packages and for qualifying orders which are over £30 in value (after discounts are applied we offer free standard shipping too.


What else?

  • We make ordering really easy & secure. 
  • We process orders speedily accurately
  • & dispatch them to you fast!

We're Open - 24hr/7d/365yr

You can order online at any time day or night. As long as you've got an internet connection our shop is open.

For those who prefer to deal with a real person you can place an order by phone admittedly though you do need to wait until the daylight hours! Our Sales and Customer Care team can be reached between the hours of 10am - 4pm Monday to Friday (excluding UK Bank Holidays) You'll find our contact details here >> Contact Us

Our service is the best in the business! Once you've placed your order we go on taking care.

We endeavor to fulfil your order correctly and have it on its way quickly, keeping you informed at every stage of the process emailing you to let you know your order status and shipping confirmation trackable via Royal Mail.

Should you ever encounter a problem with your order, or with your products our Customer Care team are just a phone call or message away. 

Recommendations & Reviews

While we can tell you why we think that you should shop with us the recommendations and thanks we receive from our customers speak volumes and we have many emails and positive feedback comments generously left by our loyal returning customers. 

We love to hear why they choose to keep coming back again and again, just as we will hope to hear from you too!

Why are we called EXhale?

Sometimes we're asked why we chose our name. The best way for us to explain is to ask you right now to.....

STOP EVERYTHING!!!! - Yes, right now!

    • If you're someone who doesn't yet vape... sit a while. Light up & take a deep drag.....
    • If do vape - stop what you're doing and vape.....

Nice, right?

As you took that moment, what was the feeling as you EXhaled?

Did you experience a feeling of being really calmed & satisfied?

It's those little moments that we take for ourselves; a blissful deep vaping inhale; as our lungs expand & we taste each of the incredible nuances in the layers of flavour in our eliquid & at the same time experience the magic of the throat hit. We follow this with an elongated slow, steady & full outward breath expelling the air from our lungs along with a fluffy cloud of harmless vapour.

With that incredible EXhalation - away goes built up stress and tensions, we allow the day's frustrations to ebb away…...Oh, what a glorious feeling that is! When, if only for now, in this very moment, everything in our world is A-Okay.... or a little more bearable anyway!

We want our name to remind you of satisfaction & your experience of shopping with us to be as amazing as that fabulous EXhale!


As smokers we crave(d) for that long, steady inhale & EXhale which contained for us So. Much. Pleasure…

While receiving, wanting & needing it we knew too that the tobacco was extremely hazardous to our health as well as to those around us whom we care so deeply about. 

For years we've been stuck doing it. And everything we have previously tried in our attempts to stop such as getting the addictive nicotine from another source such as gum or a patch, this has failed us long term and for many has failed to keep us away from returning to smoking with tobacco. It's money, time, commitment wasted & lost. And we fall back into months of smoking before trying valiantly again.

Then along comes VAPING - (the use an electronic cigarette to inhale eliquid vapour). We can't fail to see that it looks & with all the media hype and the uptake and results people are reporting it feels like it might be promising.  Is this finally something that can truly take the place of and at the same time be able replicate the smoking experience? 

We then go on to ask ourselves, if its proving this successful for others, will it be for me?


Vaping closely resembles smoking whilst at the same time it does away with all the harm and the restrictions placed upon smokers.

That's a freedom that is full of promise and will feels rather exhilarating........ Can it really be?

Yes, it is on the horizon for you.... It is within your grasp. And very probably, for first time it is something that is a real possibility!


Science tells us that nicotine is addictive.... But did you know that NICOTINE IS NOT THE (ONLY) BAD GUY?

FACT - What's shocking is that it is not the only ingredient in a tobacco product and that manufacturers ADD chemicals into the cigarette/tobacco product which are designed specifically to keep you hooked and going back for more.

FACT - Nicotine as a substance is unfairly & grossly maligned. It IS NOT the most harmful substance that is found in the tobacco smoke - Not by a very, very long, long way. 

If you're visiting EXhale because you want to know if vaping can provide you with an alternative way to experience and enjoy the same kind of feeling that smoking has provided AND you are keen to discover how you can continue to get nicotine (feeding your addiction) without all the horrendous negatives of smoking, then our answer is a resounding 

YES you can! All you have to do is to embrace the electronic cigarette!

Choosing to use an electronic cigarette immediately removes ALL of the harmful substances.

What's an eCig?

An eCig is a tool that, when used as intended, allows you to have all the pleasure & enjoyment of a cigarette but without the harm and only intaking the addictive nicotine.

ALL of the pleasure. NONE of the harm. Amazing. Truly eXhale-n't! (sorry, couldn’t help it!)

When the law in the UK, in Europe (and other parts of the world) changed making smoking in public areas illegal it forced smokers to find somewhere else to be whilst they smoked. Maybe this resulted in little congregations of people stood huddled on the street corner outside of your workplace puffing away?

How bad does that look? If you were in the group how does it feel to be standing there?

Perhaps there was a shelter provided outside by your local pub or restaurant. This is a small improvement particularly in the wind and rain of the British winter, but still, being there detracts from your enjoyment, especially if you are outside in the cold and dark & on your own while your companions are inside warm & dry. 

For many people this law has irrevocably changed the way that they live. They might now stay at home more and socialise less. It's not a mentally healthy way to me.

That law while being made to encourage better health and environment for non smokers and to do away with second hand smoke inhalation also resulted in segregating smokers further than ever before from society adding to their feelings of being a pariah in society, making them feel that they should be locked away unseen & unclean.

Vaping with an eCig however....

    • WELCOMES you back inside out of the cold.
    • REVERSES the trend where previously you were driven towards the edges of acceptable society.
    • There's NO MORE the need for any NAGGING!

With the arrival of the electronic cigarette then we can all collectively EXhale a huge sigh of relief!

Vaping with an eCig from EXhale allows you to indulge in the full smoking experience legally.

And with education in society this will put an end to those horrified, disapproving looks people throw you and to the nagging that as a smoker you no doubt receive from your well-meaning, loving friends & relatives!

What are you waiting for? NOW is the time. C'mon in - Choose to shop at EXhale!

As you take this first step, our enthusiasm & our firm belief in our products, combined with our accumulated knowledge & experience of them can be of enormous benefit  to you. We are absolutely the best placed people to work alongside as you embark on your new vaping journey.

A word to the wise: Vaping is a very, very good substitute & it provides for you a real, viable alternative but...

  • We’re not saying it's all going to be an easy journey -though to be fair - it is for most.
  • Vaping is as like for like as it can be - it's as near as damn-it (when you get eCig & eliquid right)
  • Be prepared - Some people do need a few days of adjustment to the transition, rather than an immediate put down of one pick up the other - but for most people once they vape they never look nor want to go back.

EXhale will work alongside you. Our experience and knowledge can help and support you on your journey. 

We will help to make it as easy as we can assisting you to identify which product(s) will work best for youin your life in your circumstances.

We recognise that as individuals we each have unique preferences & tastes. Just as it was when we smoked, where  we would buy different tobacco products preferring one over the other, so it is the same with vaping, with e-cigs and eliquids.

Another word to the wise:

  • It can take a little while to find the perfect strength & flavour of eliquid (that's the stuff that's got the nicotine in it), and sometimes it takes a little trial and error before you find the one that delivers you most satisfactory taste and throat/chest hit.


Some people want to (gradually) decrease their nicotine intake, perhaps even to VAPE with no nicotine content in their liquid at all….YES you can do that too.

Having achieved the transition to vaping if your wish is to “wean” yourself off of nicotine or even away from vaping altogether,  our liquids come in differing nicotine strengths all in the exact same flavours making it easy for you to drop down your nicotine dosage in manageable stages from 18mg right down to ZERO whilst always enjoying the full flavour impact.

We make it simple with our flavoured and flavourless 0mg eliquids so when you do not need the nicotine but are still fixed on the physical 'behaviours' you can continue to experience the attributes, flavour & feel of smoking but with no nicotine content at all.

This is a life-changing tool allowing you to enjoy a smoking experience but in a much healthier, more socially acceptable way. Giving you freedom of choice.

Why EXhale? What’s Vaping? Why Vape?

When you use an electronic cigarette all of the time you are no longer smoking. You have now become a vaper.

Vaping is completely legal indoors & also in public places

  • Though, sadly some places have banned vaping now too.

We recognise that for some people buying and using an electronic cigarette will simply be a tool they will use in a situation where it is not possible to smoke their normal tobacco or to cut down on smoking.  These vape users are termed as 'dual users' (ie, they're smoking and vaping). If this is you, we can help providing products to best suit your needs !

Whatever your goal/need, the benefits of using an electronic cigarette are:
    • You get the nicotine your body craves with a small, harmless hit of nicotine.
    • You get the physical hand to mouth action (behaviours) of taking an object to your lips & of inhaling.
    • You inhale to gain satisfaction & flavour - often called throat hit.
    • You will be EXhaling what looks like smoke - but it is simply a harmless, odourless vapour which has
      • No taste,
      • No smell
      • No harmful chemicals
    • You get the full “smoking experience"
    • You get have none of the negative aspects associated with smoking of tobacco products.
When the most primitive eCigs first came to market we used them & while they are outshone a million times over by what's available in the market today we liked all that an eig can offer/is capable of doing when tailored for each individuals need.
We loved the possibilities and decided that in building EXhale into the business it is today we knew that we could help and give  every one that same opportunity of freedom and of choice & of all of the same great health and environmental benefits other tools aimed at the quit smoking market claimed to do.

The difference in the vaping business is that it grew without major finances and resources coming in behind it. Much was achieved by speaking to others, word of mouth, forums, meetings, of gaining experience, of seeing others succeed and of having the same degree of success. 
In trying out vaping for ourselves, we have received all of benefits of no longer smoking.
We want to bring them all to you.
Among benefits are that:
  • your food will taste better,
  • your health will improve,
  • you will be able to breathe easier,
  • any snoring recedes (and sometimes stops),
  • you have increased energy,
  • there's no smell on you
  • your clothes,
  • or in your car
  • or in your home,
  • You no longer need to go outside leaving our friends enjoying the conversation we used to miss,
  • you'll saved money...….lots of it
  • your environment will be healthier
  • there'll with less chemical pollution
  • less litter with no stubbed or stamped out cigarette butt litter

EXhale wants to help you to breathe easier, and to aid you to become a Vaper.

EXhale wants you to have every glorious choice and freedom gained by not smoking!


Yes, it's also true to say that in promoting vaping and making it the focus of our EXhale as a business we saw a way to create a profitable business.

Making a business from something we believe in so strongly and being able to help people achieve all that we have since abandoning smoking is most definitely an extra bonus for us!

Keeping our business current & making sure we stay ahead of the game is a full time commitment. We continuously research the market, carefully identifying which electronics manufacturers are best to work with & which products function the best and offer the most.

  • Our research continues daily.
  • Our goal is to ensure that we bring to our customers the best of what is available right now. 
We've now accumulated many, many years of experience in e-commerce & in mail-order. We want you to benefit from our knowledge and experience of vaping, as well as in the business of order processing and dispatch so that you can now only feel but know that with EXhale you're in safe hands. 

If you wish to know more about EXhale please visit our About Us page.

Why EXhale? 

What We Do: Our Goals:

  • We offer a viable alternative to traditional tobacco.
  • We want to ensure that all smokers have options & choices.
  • We want to help people to feel less ostracised by the changes in the laws & not to be victims of the changing attitudes of our society.
  • We recognise that electronic cigarettes can be used as a tool so that a smoker has access to a healthier option whether they are choosing to move away from tobacco products completely, or to utilise electronic cigarettes only in situations where smoking is banned or to decrease their tobacco usage
  • We work diligently as a community to ensure that the electronic cigarette continues to be a mainstream, healthier smoking tool.

Customer Care & Service:

  • Not only do we have the best products, we pride ourselves on providing the best customer service in the business.
  • We take customer care seriously. We want every customer to feel that they are a part of the EXhale family.


  • Formed partnerships with suppliers all over the world we bring you only the best, most reliable, sophisticated & advanced electronic cigarettes around.
  • We use our products continually and ask our product testing teams to review our product lines regularly to ensure the standards of our suppliers continuously meet our customer expectations.
  • We review our customer and product feedback daily allowing us to fully engage with, listen to and to adapt our business to meet the needs and requirements of our customers.

Welcome you to EXhale.

Please, step right in, take a look around & check out our seriously fantastic products & their excellent prices.
When you place your order, we will have it delivered to you, as fast as we possibly can.
We will invite you to leave feedback for each & every purchased product.