4 Quick Tricks to Make Your Vape Coils Last Longer

Do you ever find yourself wishing that vaping could cost a bit less than it does? You’re not alone. As vape mods have become more powerful over the years, the average vaper’s e-liquid usage has increased to unprecedented levels. At the same time, more people than ever are using vape juice that’s heavily sweetened, which reduces coil life and further increases your costs. At this point, coils may actually be your largest single vaping expense – and these days, some people are finding that they spend almost as much on vaping as they would spend on smoking.

Vaping was never supposed to be as expensive as it has become for many people. Vaping isn’t just supposed to be a less risky – not to mention less stinky – alternative to smoking. It’s also supposed to be an easy way for nicotine users to save an enormous amount of money. So, what can you do to save money on vaping? It all begins with making your coils last longer – and we’re going to tell you how to do it.

Prime New Coils Before Installing Them

If you want your vape coils to last longer, the first thing you need to do is ensure that you don’t burn a new coil out the very first time you use it. The most vital thing that you can do to prevent your coils from burning out is make sure that your coils’ wicks are completely saturated with e-liquid before you vape. When you’re using a new coil, it isn’t sufficient to just install the coil, fill the tank and start vaping; you need to force e-liquid into the coil’s wick to eliminate any pockets of dryness that could cause the wick to burn.

To eliminate any dryness in the wick, you should always prime new coils before installing them. You can do that by putting a little e-liquid on all of the white openings on the side and top of the coil. Wait a moment for the e-liquid to absorb into the wick. If the cotton still looks a little dry, add more e-liquid before installing the coil.

Use Unsweetened E-Liquid

If you’ve been vaping for a while, you may have noticed that vape coils don’t seem to last as long as they once did. Your perception is definitely correct. Coils don’t last as long as they used to, and the reason for that is because a large percentage of today’s mainstream e-liquids are heavily sweetened with the sugar-free sweetener sucralose. Sucralose is definitely great for the flavour of an e-liquid. If you enjoy candy- or fruit-flavoured e-liquids, you’ll find that a bit of sucralose is like a magic ingredient that makes those vape juices taste almost like real snacks.

If you want to make your coils last longer, though, sweetened e-liquid isn’t going to give you the experience you want because sucralose doesn’t vaporise cleanly. When you look at a bottle of sweetened e-liquid, it looks like the sucralose is completely dissolved in the solution. When you use the e-liquid, though, you’ll find that a dark, sticky residue quickly begins to form on your coil. After some time – in as little as a day if you’re a heavy vaper – you’ll find that the residue alters the flavour of your e-liquid in a profoundly negative way by making every puff taste like overcooked sugar.

Here at Exhale Cigarette, we carry a wide range of unsweetened e-liquids for vapers who’d like to make their coils last longer. Unsweetened e-liquid can make your coils last weeks instead of days, and that’ll help you save an enormous amount of money on vaping.

Clean and Reuse Your Old Vape Coils

If you love using sweetened e-liquid and don’t want to buy anything else, we hear you. That’s precisely why most of the vape juices released these days do contain sucralose – because it’s what people want. There is one way to make your coils last longer, however, without changing the e-liquid you buy: You can clean your coils and reuse them.

One way to clean your vape coils is by soaking them in hot water for several hours and then leaving them out overnight to dry. If you’ve ever tried cleaning your coils manually, though, you’ve probably found that the results often aren’t worth the effort. As an alternative, try the ROBO2020 automatic vape coil cleaner. ROBO2020 eliminates the work involved in cleaning your vape coils because it cleans and dries them automatically.

To use ROBO2020, all that you need to do is drop in your dirty coils, add water and turn the device on. ROBO2020 heats and agitates the water to break up the residue and get your coils looking and tasting like new. When the cleaning cycle is complete, you’ll empty the water and start the drying cycle. ROBO2020 has a gentle heating element that evaporates the residual moisture in about 15 minutes, eliminating the need to leave your coils out overnight for drying. Coils come out of ROBO2020 ready to use immediately. Don’t forget to prime your cleaned coils before using them.

Switch to a Lower-Output Vaping Device

The fact that vape coils don’t last as long as they used to is due to a confluence of two factors. The first factor, as we mentioned above, is the prevalence of sucralose in today’s e-liquids. If you use sweetened e-liquid, there’s no way to avoid the residue that will eventually rob your coils of their flavour. The other factor, however, is the volume of e-liquid that you consume. The more e-liquid you use, the more sucralose you use – and the more sucralose you use, the faster residue will form on your coil. Today’s vape tanks and coils use more e-liquid than ever, so the residue forms more quickly than ever.

Let’s suppose, though, that you’re completely happy using sweetened e-liquid and don’t want to change anything – even if it means that your coils won’t last as long. There is an alternative: You can use less e-liquid. The way to do that without compromising your satisfaction is by increasing the e-liquid’s nicotine strength and switching to a lower-output vaping device like a pod system. If you use a device that produces smaller vapour clouds, your coils will last longer because it’ll take longer for the sucralose residue to form.

11th Sep 2021 Jason Artman

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