Exhale Quick-Fix - Help!!!! - My eCig Isn't Working!!!

Our "Quick Fix" guide has been written with the aim of answering the most asked questions and hopes to get you on your way and back to vaping with ease - Always read the product guide for your specific device.

When you just want to vape, there's nothing worse than finding yourself faced with a product that's not functioning well or at all.

If you're in this situation you'll want to find out what the problem is and be able to fix it right away with the minimum of fuss. EXhale are here to help you to do exactly that, and, when on the odd occasion that's just not possible our online store features many amazing products that will provide a low cost replacement solution 

Our vast experience in the industry as well as information we've gathered through talking with our customers has shown us that, particularly in the earliest days of transition, most issues are easy to resolve with just a little "know-how".

Whatever the issue we aim to help you fix it - fast!

We've arranged our help & guides and its pages into sections. Please scan through those set out below as well as elsewhere within Help & Guides until you see titles that sound like the issue you have as is appropriate for your specific problem. 

HELP!!!! My battery button not functioning when pressed!

If your battery is fully charged but appears not to be working -  it may be simply be turned off (deactivated /disabled)

Almost all eCig batteries have a really nifty feature which allows them to be completely switched off preventing stored power from accidental discharge which could happen should anything press against the 'fire' button whilst it is not in use or during transportation. It's also useful to use as a matter of course as a child deterrent, though for safety, when you have children, babies and pets about, all vaping equipment should be kept out of reach. 


The same command sequence will switch the disabled battery on or off  (disabled/re-enabled - activated/deactivated)

  • Click the battery 'fire' (power) button 3 times within 2 seconds (command sequence)
    • When the command sequence is input correctly the power button will flash rapidly as a visual confirmation of acceptance of the command.
    • When it is switched OFF the button will not light when depressed and no power is output.
    • When it is switched ON the power button will function as normal.

NOTE: Some batteries are set to 5 clicks within 2 seconds rather than 3 


Often, eCig batteries are set to automatically lock if a user continually over-vapes this is known as Over-vaping or overheating protection and occurs when the fire button is held depressed for more than 10 seconds. 

This protects the battery from becoming too hot which could cause irreparable damage. Overvaping several times in a row can cause the battery to auto lock forcing more cooling time in that you have to pause to use the command sequence to unlock it.




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HELP!!!! My battery Button LED is flashing - what's wrong?

eCig batteries are fitted with intelligent micro-circuitry with many safety features. The flashes are visual signals indicating an issue or to make you aware of something such as those described in the command sequence discussed in the solution above.

Watch for its flashes since different patterns or sequences of flashes at different times are providing specific information. 


Overheating - Over-vaping

  • The battery will flash as a warning if the battery button is kept depressed for more than 10 seconds.
    • This is often referred to as either  overheating or over-vaping and the flashes provide you with a warning that the battery is becoming to hot. The flashes tell you to allow the battery to cool.
    • The battery will cut power output temporarily forcing cooling and preventing damage from being caused to the battery as well as to the coil/clearomiser/atomiser attached to it.
    • If you continuously overheat the battery by continuously overvaping, to protect itself from serious or irreparable damage the battery will may auto lock, putting itself into the disabled state forcing a longer cooling down time (as discussed above)

FIX IT - Do not vape for more than 10 seconds. Leave time between inhales for the battery to cool down.

Short circuit detection

  • The battery will blink as a warning if it detects a short circuit in the device that is attached to it. Additionally it  will not function if/when the fire button is depressed.

FIX IT - Change the coil or the tank as it is likely that there is an electrical circuit problem with it.

No Power/ Needs to be recharged

  • Your battery will flash 10 times as a signal that its stored power has been depleted and that it needs to be charged.

If after receiving this signal, you continue to try to use it, to prevent damage by over-discharge, your battery will disable itself shutting down and will not switch back on until it has been recharged.

LET'S FIX IT - Re-charge your battery.

Charging has begun

  • The battery will flash in a short burst letting you know that it has been successfully attached to the charger and that the power input source has been detected. This lets you know that its charging has begun.
    • This visual signal confirms that the connection has been made/power is being stored.

You may have a charge lead that has LED lights giving you  red and a green light. These are intended to let you know the recharging status.

  • Red - charge is in progress.
  • Flicking from Red to Green - charge is almost complete
  • Green - charging complete.

ALWAYS Be Safe When Charging

  • Only charge your battery with the equipment supplied with and for use with your battery. 
  • Never use an adaptor that is not specifically for use with the electronic cigarette battery. 
  • Never leave a battery on charge overnight,  nor unattended, nor for longer than is specified.
  • Remove/disconnect the battery from charging as soon as the the indictor shows that recharging has been completed.

Often batteries with an LCD screen will have a battery icon which has bars indicating the amount of power stored or left in it. 

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Why isn't my clearomiser working?

When things are inexplicably not working there are a few things to consider. Is the battery OK, does it need charging? When this is fine but still you cannot vape, check your clearomiser/atomisation device to see if it is this that is not functioning.

Our solutions will get you back on the road fast!

TIP - A good way to test if the clearomiser is at fault is to try to use it on a different battery (capable of running it).


Make sure that the coil is secure

    • Always follow the procedure set out by the manufacturer for your particular clearomiser or device as failure to follow specific manufacturer instructions can cause irreparable damage to your device or its coil.

When receiving a brand new device that features replaceable coil technology, check that the pre-fitted coil is properly secure/tightened before first use as during production/assembly at the factory it simply may not have been completely/securely screwed in. This is normal.

A coil can also become loosened when the device has been dismantled (if necessary) to carry out liquid refilling (see info below).

Dud Coil

Even in a brand new & unused device or fresh out of a blister pack a coil can occasionally be a dud.


    • If a brand new device and the coil is not working after checking that it correctly fitted, the next thing to try is fitting it with a new coil.
    • If your device accepts coils, fit a new one, ensuring that its resistance is correct (dependant on battery type.
    • If your device is disposable (i.e. its coils are not replaceable) you will need to try a new device.
    • If you are a coil builder, with the correct gauge of wire, make a new coil and ensure it is tested and properly fitted.





  • Clearomisers/atomisers/coils and their wicks are subject to wear and tear.
  • As a vaper you must be aware, expect & accept that your device will begin to fail over a period of time, more so when in constant daily use.
  • All eCigs, no matter what brand or set up you have, need to be maintained, given care and have parts and components regularly cleaned and/or replaced.
  • Always follow instructions specific to your device.
  • If your device does not feature replaceable coils, it is time to fit a new clearomiser.

When a dud is not a dud....

  • When refilling eliquid a coil can become loosened.
    • Why: The vacuum created inside the tank becomes so strong that when you unscrew the base to fill, the coil can also work a little loose. This happens more with a newly fitted coil than one that has 'bedded in'.
    • Effect: This loosening results in a permanent or intermittent break in the electrical circuit, thus, when power is supplied, the device appears to have malfunctioned.
    • Avoid: Make it your habit to check that the coil is properly secured each time you refill.
    • Take care though not to over-tighten a coil, it need only be finger tight.



Why You Should Regularly Replace Your Coils

A coil when in use is subjected to heat. This causes residues from the liquid to build up and also degrades the wire used to make the coil.

Residue, Fatiged Coils & Degraded Wicks

Residue is created as a byproduct of the atomisation process of vaping.

  1. Heat is produced by the battery power.
  2. The power passes along the wire coil heating it. This in turn heats the liquid that is supplied to the coil in just the right amounts by the wicking material wrapped around it.
  3. As you inhale the now heated atomised eliquid mixes with oxygen producing the vapour we enjoy.

Imagine that the coil is the element inside of an electric kettle. In hard water areas in particular, the kettles' element used over and over, quickly becomes furred up with layer after layer of calcium deposits. It becomes thicker and thicker which means that heat of the element needs to penetrate and get through and past all those layers of calcium and so this slows down the water boiling process.

RESIDUE ON THE COIL: The coil in an eCig, coated after weeks of use has layers of liquid residue.The heat contributed by the batterys' power to the coil must now penetrate through the layers of liquid residue attempting to create enough heat for the eliquid to be atomised. 

COIL FATIGUE: The coil becomes fatigued. The thin wire of the coil becomes brittle and fatigued. If it is left for overly long, particularly when one is vaping at very high temperatures, the coil will burn out, thus causing the electrical circuit to be broken. A fatigued coils can be broken easily due to receiving a small shock, such as if the device is knocked or is dropped.

THE WICK: The wick surrounding the coil, repeatedly heated, has become coated in residue. It has become sticky and carbonised and is in poor condition, no longer adequately feeding new, fresh liquid to the coil. Carbonised wicks do not soak up and pass on fresh new liquid as well thus, less liquid is passed to the coil on the inhale thus this depletes vape production. Coated wicks can leach their contamination into each new refill of liquid which taints its colour and the taste of the vape. 

As we continue with the coil inhaling what is produced, (ie - the not quite adequately produced vapour, combined with the taste of the residue deposits and the degrading wick) this starts to make things taste different. Slowly we begin to lose the purity of taste and the experience we enjoyed when the equipment was new. It happens slowly over a period of many days of vaping. At first it's hardly noticed at all. 

Those who vape with a liquid that is 100% or that has a high or 100% content of VG will find that residue builds more quickly than it would if a VG/PG blend of  40-60% or 50-50% because VG is so more viscous that PG making the wick and coil sticky with residue much more readily.

Additionally those who vape at hotter temperatures (such as when using a variable voltage battery) will also notice that coils degrade more rapidly since the additional heat causes a much more rapid development of the residues which also harden more quickly.

If your coil is struggling to produce a good vape, it is time to change the coil.

How long will /should a coil last?

This is probably one of the most frequently asked question regarding hardware and probably one of the most difficult to answer since we are very individual in what we vape and in how we vape it.

For example, I might vape a lot, you might only vape a little. I might vape with a high voltage or wattage, you might too but you might also be using a 100% VG only liquid where as I might prefer a 60/40 blend and each of these different elements have an effect on the lifespan of a coil

On average a coil's lifespan will be between 14 and 60 days. KangerTech who are one of the most well-known and respected vape product manufacturers recommends that users of their products change their coils as soon as every 10 - 15 days.

In use, we find that occasionally a coil will go on -  and on -  for absolutely ages while others will prove to be a huge a disappointment and might 'go' within a matter of days. It isn't an exact science and, as explained above, the changes occur little by little, so you may not even notice the slow degradation but you'll certainly notice it when you put in a new one.

If your coil is a dud, you'll have no choice but to change it of course.

EXhale recommends that as a part of your regular eCig maintenance regime that you perform a coil change at least once a month, sooner if you're a very heavy vaper.

This attention will keep your favourite vape's flavour clean and fresh - just like the day your kit first arrived.

Coil Changing

It is absolutely essential to use the right coil for your device which can be difficult since so many of them look the same. But, even if they appear to have the same screw thread fittings if they are not shown to be compatible with your device, don't fit them.


Make sure to choose the appropriate coil that is specifically manufactured for your device and model. for your device model. They often look very similar and may even screw in but will not function correctly.

Sometimes there is a choice in the resistance of atomiser. Make sure to choose the one that is most suitable to the way you like to vape and ensure your battery is set within the parameters the coil can handle.

TASTE THE DIFFERENCE: With a new coil, particularly if you've limped along for a long while with a poorly performing coil, suddenly there is an astounding difference in vape production as well as it cleanliness and smoothness of the flavours.


When you have a brand new device or newly fitted coil you should always prime your coil or, at the very least, allow a couple of minutes after the new coil has been fitted and the device reassembled and topped off with liquid.

This wait allows the new wicks to absorb and soak up the liqiud enough to feed them to the coil. Failure to do this will likely cause dry burn and spoil the coil and then each tank full of liquid you fill. This is because the carbon deposit caused by the dry burn will leach into the liquid from the wick.

We haven't forgotten those of you who use Variable Wattage & Voltage batteries. 

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Are you vaping with a Variable Voltage/Wattage Battery?

All coils have a resistance rating that is measured in oHm's. Make sure to set your battery voltage or wattage within the parameters for the coil resistance being used.

A coil subjected to higher voltages than it is made to resist will burn out more quickly than normal. Additionally the wicks can become burnt the carbonisation leaching into the liquid spoiling its taste.

Where the voltage appplied is too great for the resistance of the coil then it will become dud and 'blow' right away.

If you are using variable voltage and/or variable wattages for battery power be sure to set these at a level that suitable for the oHm's resistance of the coil/device in use.

Make yourself familiar with OHMS LAW!