How to Optimise Your E-Cigarette Tank’s Airflow for the Perfect Vape - Guest post by Smoking Things.

Modern vaping devices are designed to make it so easy for users to enjoy enormous vapour clouds just at the touch of a button; you don’t have to know anything about coil building, nor bother tinkering in order to experience complete satisfaction so, if you've recently bought your first vape pen, box mod or sub-ohm tank, you might be loving your experience so far.

On the other hand, it’s also possible that you aren’t completely satisfied. Because there are compromises being made to produce those dense clouds.

If you want to vape by inhaling the vapour from the mouth to the lungs just as you do when smoking you’ll find that is difficult to do with the open airflow settings of most sub-ohm tanks.Even if your preference is to inhale directly to your lungs, you may very well still not particularly like your tank’s default airflow settings. Those large vapour clouds and bold, focused flavour don’t always go hand-in-hand.

The user manual in your tank or kit is usually brief; it doesn’t fully describe the tank’s features and, as a result you won’t know how you can customise a tank so that you get the vape experience you really want so here we’re going to explain exactly how to achieve YOUR perfect vaping experience with almost ANY tank.

What Aspects of Your E-Cigarette Tank Can You Customise?

The Airflow Collar - is positioned at the bottom of most tanks. As you inhale, air flows through the holes in the collar, flowing across the coils, pushing the vapour up and out of the tank’s centre chimney to delivery it via a drip tip. Turning the collar to open or close the hole allows you to control the amount of air that can enter the tank. In the fully open position, you’ll experience a freer draw accompanied by big vapour clouds and, because there is a large volume of air flowing over the coil head, a cooler vape. By closing the airflow incrementally, you’ll find that the draw in becomes tighter, and the vapour inhaled feels warmer.

The Atomiser Coil - You can often change your tank’s airflow by switching to a different resistance of coil. If your tank model offers only a couple of different resistance coils the experience wont differ much between them however if you have several coil options the variety allows it tank to work with many different battery devices and will you may notice an airflow change with higher-resistance coils tending to have slightly reduced airflow.

The Drip Tip - Most tanks work with either the wide 810 drip tip or the narrow 510 drip tip and often come supplied with an 810-to-510 adapter which also allow them to work with third-party drip tips too. Believe it or not, simply changing to a different drip tip can have a dramatic effect on the vape. Allowing more air to flow through, the modern sub-ohm tank will include the wide-bore 810 drip tipbut, if you were to switch over to a 510 drip tip this will limit the airflow focusing the vapour onto your tongue’s sweet receptors resulting in a bolder, more defined flavour from your juice.

Optimising Your E-Cigarette Tank

Direct-to-Lung Inhaling

If you prefer to inhale vapour directly into your lungs, it’s likely that you enjoy large vapour clouds.If that’s the case, your first instinct might be to use your tank with the included wide-bore drip tip and to keep the airflow collar fully open. Your instinct isn’t wrong however, if your tank has left you less that satisfied, we’d like to present some alternative suggestions.

Drip Tip - If you want to use your tank for direct-to-lung inhaling, it is wise to use a wide-bore drip tip.

Coil -  In addition to using the 810 wide bore drip tip choice you we recommend that you select a low-resistance atomiser coil.

Airflow - With that done, now tinker with the airflow collar closing it up incrementally to reduce the airflow. Reduction of airflow can have several positive benefits often resolving issues with tanks that pop loudly or spit hot e-liquid into the mouth.

Importantly reducing the airflow serves to improve the taste allowing the delicate flavours in your favourite e-liquids to shine.

Opening the air flow introduces more air which allows your tank to generate bigger vapour clouds with a cool cave - the downside is that the extra air will dilute your e-liquid’s flavour. Reducing the airflow even just a little can give a much bolder flavour while reducing your tank’s vapour production only very slightly.

Mouth-to-Lung Inhaling

Since most of today’s sub-ohm e-cigarette tanks are designed for direct-to-lung inhaling, optimising a tank for that purpose is easy. If you prefer mouth-to-lung inhaling it is a bit more challenging to get that spot on performance to hit your sweet spot, but it can be done!

Coil - First find the highest-resistance atomiser coil that is available for your tank as the higher-resistance coils often restrict airflow slightly. They can also help your tank to produce larger vapour clouds when your battery is set to lower wattage settings.

Drip Tip - Next, find a narrow-bore drip tip to replace your tank’s existing tip. If you find that a 510 drip tip doesn’t fit your tank, you’ll need to use an 810-to-510 drip tip adapter.

Airflow - Adjust your tank’s airflow collar to the most restrictive airflow setting that still allows air through the tank. This reduction will give you the air pressure necessary for mouth-to-lung inhaling. It also serves to increase the vape temperature and is why we recommend using a higher-resistance coil and with this change you’ll need to reduce your battery’s wattage to compensate. High-resistance coils work at lower wattages and so allow you to reduce your battery output power with a minimal affect in decreasing in vapour production.

Start as low as possible then gradually increase wattage until you find a setting that delivers enough vapour to satisfy you without producing a burned flavour.

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31st May 2018

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