Looking After Your Electronic Cigarette - Maintenance and Transportation

 EXhale's Guide to looking after your e-Cig

You've just invested your 'hard-earned' so surely it makes sense for you to keep it in good working order, doesn't it?

EXhale will show you how to have continued vaping enjoyment, how to make the most of your investment and save yourself the additional expense of having to replace parts as often - Honestly, this advice will save you £££'s in the long-run! 

Our simple Daily Maintenance procedure takes less than 2 minutes of your time.

This guide shows you how to carry out a simple Daily Care Regime helping to ensure smooth, clean and reliable vaping pleasure. We include instructions on performing a Full Weekly Clean (for 3 part eCig users), and finish up with guidance on Safe Storage & Transportation essential for looking after your Electronic Cigarette and Vaping Accessories.


  • After cleaning, maintenance or refilling your e-Cigarette you should ALWAYS wash and dry your hands thoroughly.
  • When not in use you must ensure that you store le-iquids, your device and components out of reach of children & pets. 


Disassembly: ALL MODELS:

  • Begin by disassembling the battery from your atomisation device.
Mouthpiece Cleaning:
Devices with Removable Mouthpieces
    • Pull off and wash your mouthpiece in warm water and a mild detergent.
    • Rinse in clear running water.
    • Air dry thoroughly.
Devices with Non removable mouthpices
    • With tissue, tightly twist a corner and push it into the mouthpiece to absorb moisture from unvaped product and condensation.
    • You could if you wished to use a cotton bud instead of the twist to clean the inside.
    • If you are very concerned about hygiene you can wipe over the mouthpiece with a mild anti-bacterial wipe.
Battery Cleaning (ALL MODELS):
EXhale recommend that you clean your battery immediately before recharging.
Keeping the contacts of your battery clean assists in proper contact between battery and atomiser or charging port and when carried out before recharging will prevent transfer of residue onto your changing equipment. This care ensures that your battery and equipment keep performing well during their entire lifespan.
Battery with a cavity (looking down from the top) (eGO)
    • Twist the corner of a tissue and push this twist into the battery wriggling it around to clean the contact point, floating pin and screw threads 
Battery with head: (510)
    • Use tissue to wipe over the battery head/contact point and the 510 screw threads.
    • Continue with clean tissue. Wipe over all battery connections/screw threads and the body.
    • Connect to the power source and commence charging.
Atomisation Device Care:
Atomiser disassembly
If your atomiser is the kind that can be disassembled:
  • Before beginning disassembly you should empty any liquid left in the tank, either decant it to refill afterwards or dispose of in sink or onto kitchen paper.
  • Always follow the directions in the manufacture user guide and lay everything out in the order and position it should be reassembled.
  • Never force anything as this can cause irreparable damage.
  • Wash and clean the glass tube of the tank.
  • Wipe over metal parts being careful not to lose or dislodge any seals or 'O" rings. 
  • Some devices are supplied with spare/replacement "O' rings for maintenance purposes
  • Reassemble and refill with decanted or new liquid.
Atomiser that cannot be disassembled and that has a cavity at battery attachment:
    • Make a corner twist with tissue.
    • Wriggle this in the well at the bottom of your clearomiser making sure that the connection threads and contact points are cleared of any residue. 
    • Wipe over outer body of device with clean tissue.
    • Reattach cleaned mouthpiece.
    • Attach clean recharged battery.
    • If new or a new coil has been fitted, after filling see Priming (below)
Atomiser that cannot be disassembled and that has a head at the battery attachment ::
    • Wipe over contact points and threads.
    • Wipe over the outer body of the device with clean tissue.
    • If new, or a new coil has been fitted, see Priming (below)
    • Reattach cleaned mouthpiece.
    • Attach clean recharged battery.
    • If new or a new coil has been fitted, after filling see Priming (below)


A new/dry atomiser or new/dry coil should always be primed before its first use.
  • Priming allows the wick to soak up liquid and begin to feed the coil with an adequate quantity of liquid to vape and thus will prevent dry burn.
(If it accessible you can even drip a little eliquid directly onto the new coil head wicking before reassembly.
WITHOUT pressing the battery button it can help to perform one or two gentle inhales to encourage liquid to travel however this isn't really necessary with the advancements in wicking technology used inside the most up to date devices.
All you need to to once filled is to allow the liquid to rest for at least 2 minutes once liquid has been filled before continuing to vape.

  • If any liquid is spilled during this process wipe this up immediately with tissue.
  • All used tissue can be disposed of in normal household waste.
  • Wash and dry hands thoroughly and store liquids and equipment out of reach of children and pets
Storage and Transportation ALL MODELS:
Look after your electronic cigarettes and it will serve you well but just ike a normal cigarette, if you carried or kept that on its own in your pocket or bag it would be broken and totally unusable.  
Your e-Cig is not bullet proof and it is going to become very important to your success. It will pay you to take care of it.
An electronic cigarette that has been dropped or accidentally knocked over, if it rolls off of a high surface any of these things cause impact which is large enough to render it irreparably broken or damaged. A drop or knock could cause it to begin to leak and a coil that has become brittle through use may have snapped and need replacing.
EXhale advocates the use of a carry case and urges users not to be tempted to carry an eCig in a pocket where it can be subjected to sideways pressure - for example if you lean on something or, if its in a trouser pocket and you go to sit, it will want to bend with you. It is not designed to do this. You wouldn't have done that with a cigarette and expected it to be undamaged, would you?
Incidentally, carrying or putting an eCig battery to be stored with coins, keys, metal objects puts it at risk of short circuiting and this can be extremely dangerous and put your safety at risk. For more information on battery care please visit our supplementary guide Lithium Battery Care and Safety Warnings.
Please make it a habit to use a carrying case to store or transport your eCig equipment. Consider using a lanyard to avoid the temptation to use a pocket. Cases and lanyards can be purchased within our Accessories section and you can go there now just click this link: Carrying Cases
ALWAYS store your carry case and all eCig equipment including eliquids out of the reach of children & pets.