Using a BVC / BDC Clearomiser Device

Bottom Vertical Coil (BVC) or Bottom Dual Coil (BDC) clearomisers provide a clean, crisp vape experience and because it is designed to ensure that just the right amount of liquid is always available for the coil to heat and atomise as you vape, as long as you have liquid in the tank you'll never suffer with any nasty burnt eliquid taste.

BVC & BDC coils are efficient and cost effective and because they are fitted into the base part which is the part that is removed for the purpose of refilling they can easily be changed - even with a full tank of liquid.

No need to empty the tank -  No messy coil changes - No liquid loss.


Filling is easy direct from the eliquid bottle nozzle. No syringe bottles or syringes are needed. Just direct the nozzle into the side section of the clearomiser tank.

When your new device arrives, here's what you'll need to do:

1: Unscrew & Remove The Base.

Hold the clearomiser with the mouthpiece pointing down toward the floor.

Now unscrew and lift away the base. 

  • The coil is the metal peg that protrudes from the base that you have just removed from the bottom of the clearomiser.
  • We recommend that you make it a habit to always check to ensure the coil is properly secure in the base each time you perform a refill.  Finger tight only is sufficient. This is because the coil can come a little loose due to the vacuum created in the tank during normal use (see step 4 & TIP below)

2. Uncap your eliquid bottle.

3. Aim the nozzle into the side of the tank, gently squeeze the bottle, until the tank is topped off.

  • DO NOT fill by aiming into the centre shaft/pole/chimney.
  • DO NOT fill liquid any higher up than the centre shaft/pole/chimney.

4. Check the coil is secure before screwing the base back into place (see TIP below)

5. Replace cap on eliquid bottle

6. Turn assembled clearomiser right way up.

  • If it is a new coil or ew device, allow a minute or two for the liquid to absorb into the wicks.

7. Now you can vape as normal.

TIP: (Step 4)

  • It is a good idea each time you refill the tank to make sure the coil is secure, particularly when it is a new clearomiser device or a newly fitted coil.
  • Remember it need only be finger tight.


  • When the device is brand new or if you have just fitted a new/replacement coil the vacuum that is created during vaping can be so strong as to cause the coil to become loosened as the base (in which it is seated) its is unscrewed for refilling.
  • If the coil is loose the electrical connection/contact can be broken or interrupted, thus causing the device to appear faulty. If this has happened your device may not work at all or seems to work intermittently as the contact keeps being interrupted.
  • After a few days of use, the coil will "bed in" and so this loosening will cease to happen. However if you have followed our advice to always perform a check on the coil when making a refill you will avoid this from occuring.


The most obvious time to change a coil is of course if it ceases to work. Make sure before discarding it that the coil has not simply come a little loose (see TIP above).

Modern, advanced coils of this kind are such good quality that they rarely burn out so coil changing has to be a matter of personal preference. A change should be carried out when your eCig is not performing as well as it once did, and you will recognise that the vape quality is reduced. However the timing for this change being necessary will be different for everyone simply because we all vape differently.

Manufacturers provide only a general recommendation of 14-30 days.

Early coil change will be required by:

  • Very heavy vapers who vape constantly throughout every day.
  • Those who prefer to use high powered batteries with voltage or wattage ramped up.

More power being delivered by the battery will make the coil much hotter. The fine metal of the coil will become carbonised and eventually will become brittle. The carbon layers on the coil will result in new liquid drawn in not being heated enough to properly atomise. Vape quality will be much reduced and if left a long time, as more and more power is needed the coil itself will become brittle and this is when it can break/burn out very easily.

  • Those who prefer to use custom blended eliquids that have a high VG content or are VG only.

High VG liquids are more viscous, they create a sticky residue on the coil, and in the wicking. This causes them to become bunged up and therefore they perform poorly struggling to feed liquid to the coil which is having to work harder to atomise the liquid.


EXhale always recommends that all users maintain their eCig on a daily basis and that the coil is changed monthly - even if it is still working!

It may still be performing but, it will be degraded and, you may not realise how much so until you have fited and experienced the quality and freshness of vape you'll have with the new coil. 


With experience you'll begin to recognise symptoms of a struggling coil but consider these:

If the inhale feels resistant or hard: most likely cause is that the wicking and coil have are sticky and carbonised.


If the flavour of your liquid is not what it once was or there is not much vapour production: This too is likely due to carbonisation and liquid residues having built up on the wire coil and in the wicking material. Once coated new liquid pulled through on the inhale cannot be adequately provided to the coil through the bunged up wick nor atomised by the coated metal coil.

The coils come in packs of 5 sealed in individual blister packs with perforated lines allowing each blister to be separated. Handy for tucking one single coil away with you so that you have a spare in case of failure.

There are inexpensive and so easy to fit there's no reason to put it off!

HOW TO CHANGE A COIL (tank does not need to be empty)

1. Hold the device with the mouthpiece pointed toward the floor/Unscrew and lift away the base.

2. Set the body of the clearomiser aside, making sure that it wont topple over and spill any liquid in the tank.

3. Unscrew and remove the used coil from its seating in the base.

4. Pop a new coil from its blister pack and screw this securely into the base. Finger tight only.

5. Replace the base. Turn clearomiser the right way again.

6. Allow to sit for a minute or two for the liquid to penetrate the wicking before firing/vaping.

7. Place old coil into the emptied blister and dispose of it in the normal household waste.

(see TIP above)