Hi! You've probably clicked onto this page because you wanted to know what we would offer, what reasons we could give as to why you should choose to shop with EXhale rather than with anyone else, right… ?

To tell you the truth we're simply so enthusiastic about our products and the freedoms of “VAPING' that it’s hard to know when to stop expounding its virtues and benefits…

  • it is this love of our products and of vaping that makes EXhale the ideal choice for you when buying your e-cigarettes and accessories.
  • It's the time we will take in order to assist you as an individual in choosing the right products for you and for your lifestlye.
  • Once chosen, it is the ease of ordering, either online through our website, or using our apps (available for both IOS & Android), or by phone if you prefer...that makes EXhale a cut above the rest.
  • It's the level or care we take in picking and packing your order and in getting it quickly on its way to you...
  • and, it is the great service you will receive....

These are some of the reasons why, our customers tell us, they return to shop with us at EXhale again and again.

Stop and think for a moment right now...if you still smoke, then maybe just sit and light up. When we're feeling satisfied with life, when we take a break, we tend to stop for a moment and whether we light up a smoke or not, we take a long and deep breath in..... filling our lungs before making a long, slow and steady breath out. 

As we take that breath out we feel any tension we may have had begin to slip  away…. it's a glorious feeling, if only for now, everything in our world is A-Okay.... that breath out is perhaps the ultimate exhale. And it's why we chose it as our name. 

Vaping is satisfying and EXhale aims to satisfy it's customers so that where vaping is concerned, everything is easy, without stress or worry, just perfect and absolutely O.K.

When we choose to use electronic cigarettes and begin vaping instead of smoking, that exhale-ing feels so great…. if you have tried and failed to get away from tobacco products time and time again, and have never stuck with it, to now find something that can truly take its place feels exhilarating... total freedom, probably for the first time in years!

As smokers that long and steady eXhale-ation contained so much pleasure… whilst as the same time as receiving that pleasure as smokers we all know that even whilst it feels great, what we're doing is hazardous to our health and to that of those around us. Yet, desipte this, for years we have been stuck doing it. It’s tough being addicted to nicotine, isn’t it? 

Science tells us that nicotine as a substance is addictive. It's one of the ingreidents of a cigarette or of tobacco products that has kept us going back for more. However, nicotine is not the most harmful substance in the tobacco....

Perhaps you are visiting us here because you are interested in vaping as a new and alternative way to experience and enjoy the feeling of smoking, but without all the horrendous negatives? The answer is yes. You can have that once you embrace the electronic cigarette.

Choosing to use an electronic cigarette immediately removes all of the harmful substances. It’s a tool that allows us to have all the pleasure and enjoyment, and only intake the addictive nicotine allowing us to retain all the pleasure but without harm

It's amazing. Truly eXhale-n't! (forgive us, we couldn’t  help it!)

When the law in the UK and indeed in Europe and other parts of the world changed, smoking in public areas became illegal……after that, smokers had to find somewhere else to be whilst they smoked. This was maybe on the corner outside of work (how bad does that look and make you feel?), ot perhaps a shelter outside provided by your local pub or restaurant…. Particularly in the winter, it's unpleasant. Dark. Cold. Lonely. Uncomfortable.

Maybe you've simply chosen to stay in more and socialise muvh less? 

This law change has completely segregated smokers and added to the feelings of being a pariah in society, and in the community….  (unclean, unclean!)

The electronic cigarette reopens the door for us and has the power to welcome us back in. When using an electronic cigarette we no longer need to be out in the cold or driven towards the edges of acceptable society.

By choosing to use an electronic cigarette we can continue to indulge in the full smoking experience legally and without feeling like the bad guys. 

We can finally put an end to horrified and disapproving looks (and perhaps the nagging from well-meaning friends and relatives too?).

With the arrival of the electronic cigarette we can all collectively eXhale a huge sigh of relief!

So, why should you choose to shop at EXhale?

Quite simply it is our enthusiasm and our belief in our products. Combined with the knowledge and experience we’ve gained over the years these facts alone are the answer. But there is more to the answer too. 

We ouselves use the products we sell daily in our own lives. 

We feel and experience the benefits of using our electronic cigarettes and our products its why we are absolutely the best placed people to work alongside as you embark on your vaping journey.

Of course, we’re not saying it's an easy journey....  It’s not like for like, and some people do need a few days of adjustment, but vaping is a very, very good substitute and alternative. 

EXhale will work alongside you..We will help and make it easy by helping to identify which product(s) will work for you and your life. 

Because we each have our own individual preferences and tastes and, as smokers we would choose different tobacco products, it can take a little while to find the perfect strength and flavour of eliquid (the stuff with the nicotine), the one that will deliver the most satisfactory taste and hit providing the perfect alternative for each individual.

Our experience and knowledge can help and support you on your journey. 

Some people want to as part of their journey, to gradually decrease their nicotine intake, perhaps, eventually, to VAPE with no nicotine content at all….yes, we even have 0mg liquids allowing you to get the behavioural expereince if you wish to.

Having achieved the transtion to vaping, some people may then wish to “wean” themselves off of vaping altogether, while others might choose to continue to VAPE even if they have weaned themselves down to vaping with 0mg liquids, simply because they can enjoy being able to have that similar to smoking experience but they can now enjoy it in a much healthier (and more socially acceptable) way.

The great thing about this life-changing tool is it really does provide you with so much freedom of choice. This is something we feel strongly about.

Why eXhale? What’s Vaping? Why Vape?

When you use an electronic cigarette all of the time you are no longer smoking. You become a vaper.

VAPING is completely legal and at the time of writing, vaping can legally be practised indoors and also in public.

We recognise that for some people buying and using an electronic cigarette will simply be to use a tool in situations where it is not possible to smoke their normal tobacco. 

    • We can help identify the right flavour and strength of e-liquid and model of electronic cigarette with you.
Whatever your choice, the benefits of using an electronic cigarette are:
    • You get the nicotine your body craves with a small and harmless hit of nicotine.
    • You get the physical hand to mouth action of taking an object to your lips andinhaling.
    • You inhale and gain satisfaction and flavour.
    • You eXhale what looks like smoke but is in fact simply a harmless vapour that has
    • notaste,
    • no smell
    • no harmful chemicals
    • You get the full “smoking experience
    • You get to do this with none of the negative aspects associated with smoking of tobacco products.
We liked all of this and we like giving you freedom to choose.
In trying vaping for ourselves, have having experienced the benefits of no longer smoking we want to bring them all to you.
You know the ones… 
  • your food tastes better, 
  • your health improves, 
  • you breathe easier, 
  • snoring recedes (and sometimes stops), 
  • you have increased energy, 
  • there's no smell on your clothes, 
  • or in your car 
  • or in your home,
  • we no longer need to go outside leaving our friends enjoying the conversation we used to miss, 
  • oh, and we saved money too...….lots of it!

We want you to experience all of these benefits. We want to help you to breathe easier, and perhaps aid you to become a Vapers.

We want to help you to eXhale with glorious choice and freedom, right along with us!

And, yes, we saw a way to create a profitable business from something we believed in too and that is a bonus!

With making EXhale into a business, and in keeping our business current and ahead of the game we carefully research the market to identify which electronics manufacturers are best to work with and which products function best. This research continues daily and we continue to strive toward making sure that our customers have the best of what is avialble.

You can find more information about this by visiting the About Us page.

Just before you go, please allow us to recap for you, just so that as you look around the rest of our website and choose your products this is all really clear in your mind....

Why EXhale? What We Do: Our Goals:

  • We offer an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes.
  • One of our goals is to ensure smokers have options and choice. We want to help them feel less ostracised by the changes in the laws and attitudes of society.
  • We recognise that electronic cigarettes can be a tool that allows a smoker to have a healthier option whether choosing to move away from tobacco products completely, or to utilise electronic cigarettes in situations where smoking is banned. 
  • We are working diligently toward ensuring that the electronic cigarette continues to be a mainstream, healthier smoking tool.

Why eXhale? Customer Service:

  • Not only do we have the best products, we pride ourselves on having the best customer service in the business. We take our customer service so seriously that each and everyone one of our customers will feel part of the eXhale family.

Why EXhale? Products:

  • We have formed various partnerships with suppliers over the world to bring you only the best, most reliable, sophisticated and advanced electronic cigarettes around.
  • We use them and continually ask our product testing teams to review our product lines to ensure the standards of our suppliers meet customer expectations. We also check customer feedback daily in order to see how our products are met. This allows us to genuinely listen to and meet the needs and requirements of our customers.
Please take a look around our site, check out our seriously fantastic products. We offer truly excellent prices and when you place an order, we will have it delivered to you, as fast as we possibly can and we will also invite you to leave feedback for each and every purchased product.
Why EXhale? The Business:
  • With so many years’ experience in e-commerce, mail-order and despatch you can feel (and know) you're in safe hands.