LiPo Guard Safety Charging Bag

LiPo Guard Safety Charging Bag

For peace of mind during recharging

The LiPo Guard Safety Charging Bag has been designed to fully enclose your battery attached to its charging lead while it is in the process of being recharged. It is made of a fire retardant material the same as is used for the coats of fire fighters and should the worst happen will contain and spark of flame.

We strongly recommend the use of a LiPo Guard bag to ensure your personal safety and guard against fire risk.

Using a LiPo Guard Bag while protective in nature does not preclude following safe charging procedures. Please read our information page Lithium Battery Care & Safety Warnings and always ensure your charging equipment is in good order and appropriate for the task. Should any lead be damaged it should not be used and should be replaced. For charging equipment please visit here-> Batteries Chargers & Adaptors


Never use an adaptor for mains charging that has been supplied with any other device such as a mobile phone or tablet device. These are too powerful and present danger and fire hazard.