Charging Abroad or In Your Vehicle

 EXhale's Guide to Charging eCig Batteries Abroad or Inside a Car

 EXhale advises caution when charging eCig batteries whilst abroad or when inside a car/vehicle and has produced this guide for user guidance advocating users always use safe practices  and procedures when using their vaping equipment. 

Charging Abroad

Going on holiday? Lucky you - got room in your suitcase for me? EXhale wishes you bon voyage and happy holidays. You deserve it. We want you to have the best time and we want you to vape safe.

We ask our customers and website visitors to have all the information they need when using their vape equipments and would draw your attention to the following facts regarding electricity around the world:

  • There is no standard mains voltage throughout the world.
  • The frequency (the number of times the current changes direction per second), is not the same everywhere. 
  • Plug shapes, plug holes, plug sizes and sockets are different in many countries.

Those seemingly unimportant differences can have some very unpleasant consequences.


  • Purchase a 2 pin USB adaptor for use when going abroad.
    • This is much safer to use than if you were to use your normal UK/3 pin adaptor plugged into a 3 to 2 pin travel adaptor together
  • Buy the adaptor you will use whilst you are in the country you are visiting.
    • So that you are buying from the most reputable source, why not get your adaptor(s) as you pass through arrivals?
      • This will help to ensure the ratings for the adaptors you have are correct for that country. 

If you've forgetten to check what the local voltage is in the country you’re going to:

    • Have a look at an ordinary light bulb in your hotel or apartment or make a stop at a local supermarket and head to the lightbulb aisle to see what is printed on a light bulb packet.

What do I need in order to use my electonic appliances abroad?

The links below which are from a reliable source are provided in order to make it easy for you can get your hands on the most up to date information about electricity by country around the entire world. Use these links and you'll soon know exactly which are the appropriate adaptors to use and the respective plugs/outlets and voltages/frequencies used for your domestic appliances.

Always check the specification on your battery charger or A/C adapters.

  • Check electronic devices for acceptable converters or transformers.
  • Dependant on where your headed you may wish to consider purchasing a voltage converter or a low power transformer (or both) if you also want to charge other devices that you would wish to protect (such as a laptop, iPad, mobile phone, Kindle etc.).
  • Check the voltage output of the country you are visiting.
  • Note the distinction between high power "electric" and low power "electronic" products.
    • High power would be items like hairdryers and Irons as an example.
    • Low power would be your batteries, ipod etc.


If you charge your batteries or electonic goods whilst abroad, EXhale Cigarettes Ltd will accept no responsibility for any issues or damage that may arise from charging your products whilst you are outside of the UK.

    • We cannot be certain that the power source or even the quality of the wiring where you may be staying is to the same high standards adopted in the UK.
    • Some other countries are known to experience power drops and surges in their electricity supplies.

In Car Charging

NEVER charge eCig batteries inside an unattended car/vehicle.

Users should pay close attention to their charging batteries particularly during hot weather.

    • Even whilst parked in the shade your car/vehicle can become very hot and very humid very rapidly.
    • Lithium batteries should NEVER be subjected to the extremes of a hot and/or humid environment.

DO NOT leave eCig batteries or vaping equipment in an unattended car/vehicle.

    • The heat and humidity inside a car/vehicle can increase rapidly and this will create a very dangerous environment.

Click this link to purchase a suitable Car Charging Adapter