What Vape Juice Trends Will Rule the Industry in 2021? by Jason Artman

What Vape Juice Trends Will Rule the Industry in 2021?

If vaping is a serious hobby and a way of life for you, you’re probably always on the hunt for new and exciting products to try – and nowhere is the vaping industry more exciting and faster moving than it is in the world of Vape Juice. New e-liquid flavours hit the market almost every day, and any one of those flavours could be the one that starts an entirely new trend and transforms the direction of the market once again. It’s happened many times before. If you’ve been vaping long enough, you almost certainly remember some of the vape juice trends that have happened over the past several years. You remember the custard trend, the cereal trend and so many others.

Well, the vapers of the world are anxious to try something new, and the e-liquid market is poised for another trend to come along and transform the community’s flavour expectations once again. What vape juice trends are going to rule the industry in 2021? We have a few predictions, and we’d like to share them with you.

Fruit-and-Menthol E-Liquids Aren’t Going Anywhere

We’re going to start this article by discussing a vape juice trend that actually isn’t new. The fruit-and-menthol e-liquid craze kickstarted by our friends in the Malaysian e-liquid industry has completely transformed expectations around the world about what fruit and beverage vape juices ought to taste like. Once e-liquid companies began to realise that a small amount of menthol could add an icy effect to a vape juice without covering its flavour profile, fruit-and-menthol blends began to pop up everywhere.

We think that the fruit-and-menthol vape juice trend is going to continue well into 2021, as evidenced by the continued success of brands like Wick Liquor and their new Rebellion e-liquid label. There’s really no end to the creative possibilities with menthol and similar cooling agents like Koolada, and we can see e-liquid companies using those agents to continue stretching the boundaries in e-liquids intended to taste like slushies, fruit smoothies and ice creams.

Have Heavily Sweetened E-Liquids Run Their Course?

When we observe the current state of the e-liquid industry, it seems evident that the vape juice companies have taken heavily sweetened flavours about as far as they can go. Although there’s still plenty of room for companies to develop new flavour profiles, the flavour portfolio of the average e-liquid company has become so sweet that there’s really no way for a brand to turn heads anymore by releasing something even sweeter; e-liquids have already gotten as sweet as they possibly can. Therefore, the only way for a vape juice brand to do something so different that it really grabs the community’s attention is by releasing a product that’s less sweet – or maybe not sweet at all.

Along with the need for new vape juice companies to differentiate their brands from the competition, another factor that seems likely to influence consumer e-liquid preferences in 2021 is the slowly building backlash against heavy sweetener use due to the fact that it dramatically shortens coil life and increases vaping expenses – particularly with the extremely powerful vape tanks available today.

In short, vape coils cost more than ever, and they also consume e-liquid more rapidly than ever. The speed at which a heavily sweetened e-liquid causes a coil to burn out depends on how much e-liquid you use. All of those factors have combined to make vaping extremely expensive for some people, and that’s why something has to change. Look for the vape juice brands of the world to develop some terrific unsweetened flavours in 2021.

Tobacco Vape Juice Is Poised for a Comeback

Speaking of unsweetened e-liquid, what’s the best flavour to add to an e-liquid when you want to create a flavour profile with a savoury edge? The answer, of course, is tobacco – a flavour that you probably haven’t thought of for a while if you’ve been vaping long enough. When people initially switch to vaping, they’re often a bit disappointed when they discover that a tobacco e-liquid can never fully replace the flavour of cigarette smoke. The disappointment quickly fades when they move on to sweeter flavours and discover that blue raspberry slushies taste much better than cigarette smoke anyway.

No; the vape juice companies of the world probably aren’t going to produce a breakthrough that results in the creation of a truly realistic tobacco e-liquid. There’s simply no way to reproduce the flavour of burning leaves using nothing but food-grade flavourings. So, you shouldn’t get your hopes up there.

What the e-liquid industry can do, though, is take a cue from perfumery and begin using tobacco as just one colour in a much wider-ranging flavour palette. Some of the most famous perfumes, for instance, use tobacco to add a dash of complexity to sweeter flavours like vanilla and dried fruit. We believe that you’ll see the e-liquid companies of the world experiment a bit more with tobacco in 2021, using it to enhance sweeter flavour profiles and give them a bit of a savoury edge. Just as the past couple of years have seen menthol make a huge comeback in the vaping community, the same thing will happen with tobacco this year.

Nicotine Salt Won’t Rule the E-Liquid World After All

The final vape juice trend that will rule the industry in 2021 won’t have anything to do with flavour. Instead, this trend will affect the type of e-liquid that people use. Over the past couple of years, small pod-based vaping devices became extremely popular – even among those who normally used larger and more powerful vape mods. That trend led many people to predict that nicotine salt e-liquid would one day exceed traditional freebase nicotine vape juice in popularity.

That hasn’t happened, though, and it isn’t likely to happen because it appears that the smallest pod-based vaping devices are already on their way out. These days, larger pod mods optimised for direct-to-lung inhaling are all the rage, and nicotine salt e-liquid isn’t the type of vape juice that you want if you prefer the direct-to-lung vaping style. It seems that nicotine salt e-liquid won’t end up ruling the world after all, although it’s likely to remain important among those who use the smallest vaping devices.

12th Feb 2021 Jason Artman

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