Is Vaping Worse Than Smoking?

Just go to your boss and ask him to take away your provident fund with health insurance, as well as the chair you sit on, and then do your assignments. Doesn’t sound too comfortable right? Same is the case with the ever-evolving debate between combustion and heating, tar and coil, smoke and vapor, tobacco and flavor, smoking and e-cigarettes how long does vape juice last and how to vape. This debate has had its highs and lows with some tilting towards the conventional tobacco cigarettes, while others opting for e-cigarettes.

There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind regarding the utility of e-cigarettes when compared to conventional tobacco cigarettes. These in genuine devices are truly a representation of how the 21st century has evolved mankind and his way of life. From health to sciences, both fields have had immense growth owing to the innovation of scientists. E-cigarettes is one of those inventions that has taken the cigarettes aisle down and put a healthy alternative on the shelves.

According to the science of e-cigarettes, they are safer for 4 prime reasons. The first issue of combustion, second is the ability to choose nicotine value, third being the simulation of cigarettes, and last being the absence of harmful like tar, carcinogens, etc. PHE Health review 2018 has stated that e-cigarettes are 95 percent safer than regular tobacco cigarettes. Regulation bodies like MHRA and FDA maintain that e-cigarettes are useful and can help in reducing the number of smokers. According to the report, every year there can be 20000 fewer smokers with the help of e-cigarettes in UK alone.

So why is it that e-cigarettes are safer than smoking? First, these devices use combustion to heat the e-liquid and produce vapours for us to inhale. This process is the main point why e-cigarettes are better than conventional cigarettes because the latter emits smoke which contains tar, carcinogens and other harmful chemicals. This combustion of materials leads to emission of carcinogenic compounds into the respiratory tract thus causing the health horrors we are all aware of. The e-cigarette does not involve any of this and is thus safer health-wise.

The manageable nicotine value is another factor why e-cigarettes are considered a safer option. The nicotine levels can be managed depending on individual need and desire. This means that the liberty to give up on nicotine altogether without always having to give up on the habit of vaping is very much there. Unlike traditional cigarettes where tobacco has fixed pre-determined levels, the e-cigarettes have a flexible option. This also encourages the vaper to ultimately lower the levels of nicotine over time.

E-cigarettes are safer as they are a simulation of conventional cigarettes without all the harms attached to it. This gives the edge to the leisure smokers as well as increases the very important cosmetic value of the whole practice. The e-cigarettes that appear like regular cigarettes, produce smoke clouds, satisfy the nicotine need, give various flavors and justify all of the goodness associated with the safer, replica practice of cigarette smoking.

Lastly, an absence of harmful carcinogenic, toxic compounds in electronic cigarettes is the most important factor contributing it to be safer than the traditional cigarettes. The only thing is a heating chamber in the device that heats up and vaporizes the e-liquid in the chamber that turns to smoke upon inhaling and then exhaling. The juices are also made from food-grade ingredients that allow only concentrated flavor and a pleasantly sweet fragrance normally characterized by fruits and sweet aromas. These artificial flavors instead of being harmful are actually quite helpful in maintaining the health conditions of the users.

For instance, the diabetic people who tend to vape can have their sweet tooth cravings satisfied by vaping these flavours available on LongHorn e-juices instead of actually going for sugar intake. On the same lines, people looking to lose weight can vape all the different flavors and have their cravings satisfied instead of actually taking in calories, another major factor is that vaping suppresses appetite which means that you won’t feel hungry and won’t go for calories intake. The equation is simple.

While it is well established that the vaping is safer than tobacco smoking for all the various reasons, it is safe to say that vaping is a lifesaver for anyone addicted to smoking as tobacco is deadly in the long run and vaping hits it right at the heart of it. The figures that tell how a global number of people smoking has dropped considerably all the while number of vapers has increased, is an explanation as to how!

28th Aug 2019 Jessica Cam

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