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eGo Fitting Accessories

eGo Fitting Accessories

eGo fitting Accessories & Spares perfect for maintaining or adapting your electronic cigarette hardware

We've grouped together in this section products that use the eGo thread connection of your standard battery device.

Hints & Tips

  • If you enjoy trying different flavours of eliquid you can avoid tainting or overlapping your flavours by using a different clearomiser for each flavour.
  • Whenever you shop for a new supply of eliquid consider adding clearomiser device spares to your order at the same time.
  • When leaving home slip spare coils and a spare charged battery into your carry case so you have back ups at hand. Especially useful if you plan to be out and about!
  • Alongside your daily care regime, regular replacement of coils/clearomisers will ensure your vape is satisfying, smooth and flavourful, just the way you want it!

Coil Changing/Replacement of Clearomisers:

  • How often you need to change a coil will depend on many factors such as: how much you vape, the kind of eliquid you use, or even on the the battery you use and the power output it is set at. As a rough guide we would suggest a clearomiser or its coil is replaced every 14-60 days.


Don't forget you need to pre-tighten new eGo CE5  clearomiser coils BEFORE filling with liquid as they are always shipped slightly loose. Failure to do so may cause leakage and intermittent connection issues.

It is important also to care daily for your atomisation device.

  • Ensure that you clean the contacts and threads of these each day to maintain a great vaping experience.
  • An atomiser/clearomiser/cartomiser/cartridge's natural lifespan is approximately 14-60 days.
  • If an atomisation device is not new then it could fail. Although made to the highest quality and are functional devices, these products will fail and degrade over a period of time dependent on usage. They are sold as a disposable products and will eventually fail at some point.

Atomiser, Cartomiser, Cartridge & Clearomiser Care

  • These products are sold as disposable products and therefore they fall outside of our normal 30 day warranty
  • Please ensure that you check your cartomiser/clearomiser/cartridge as soon as you receive it.


Our Help & Guides pages are a good source of information and advice if you require troubleshooting ideas or instructions.

Any issues or faults with atomisation devices/products must be notified to us within 48 hours of receipt.

  • We use the Royal Mail Track & Trace system as the day/time of receipt