Returning a product

EXhale's Returns Process & Procedures Explained

STOP - Is your return really necessary?

Some issues can be resolved without the need for a return to be raised at all. Troubleshooting when possible is by far the fastest and simplest way to resolve many issues and can save you a lot of inconvenience and unnecessary waiting time. Our Help & Guides pages is packed with solutions and fixes and so can have you back vaping in no time.

Additionally, our Customer Care team who will always do their best to help.

There are several ways to contact us:

You can talk to us by our chat messaging system (bottom left of your screen) or via email or of course during our open times you can talk to us by phone.

Whichever method you choose, you can be sure that we will always do our very best to help.

EXhale's Returns Policy

EXhale's business operation acts strictly within the terms of its written policies and procedures, all of which form our Terms of Service.

If you are unhappy with your order or with any part of its contents please note that:

    • any discrepancy with fulfilment of your order must be notified to us within 48 hours of its receipt. 

You can notify us by telephone, by email or via the online form all details are found on our Contact Us page. In any correspondence please always include your order number.

    • any *item(s) that have been opened/used may not be returned unless they are found to be defective within **30 days (see note below) 

Please note that:

*Clearomisers and atomisation devices of all kinds including coils are exempted from our normal **30 day warranty and instead are covered for 48 hours from your receipt of them. It is important therefore that upon receipt you test/check that your clearomisers/ atomisers/ cartridges/ coils are functioning correctly.

E-liquid is not returnable under any circumstances (unless we have specifically requested or authorised its return such as product recall).

EXhale will not issue any replacement products or parts until the item reported as faulty has been received and has been through our inspection and testing procedure.

EXhale Cigarette Ltd. employees cannot override nor amend any part of this policy without authorisation being given by the company owner.

EXhale's Returns Process

 The information below included information for returns made for several different reasons and so not all will be applicable. Please choose the heading that is most relevant to you.

Whatever the reason for return please note that:

Freepost returns are not a premium postal service and therefore packages will take several days to be received by as at our warehouse facility.

Processing of your return can take up to 10 working days during which we must carry out all of the necessary inspections and testing. With batteries in particular this is rigorous process with some tests taking a full 24 hours each to complete.

After testing and inspections are completed (providing that we do not need to ask you for more information) we will resolve your return case according to the outcome preference you have indicated.

We will then close the case which will automatically generate and send you an update notification email.

Faulty or Damaged goods:

Our products have been carefully chosen to be the best of those currently available and we are proud that our defective rate is less than 0.2%.

In case of a defective product or product component we will replace that part free of charge upon receipt of the faulty part as long as the product reposted as faulty is within its warranty period.

If you do receive a faulty, defective or damaged product please report this to us immediately/within 48 hours of receipt so that we can take swift action to resolve the matter.

When making a report to us it would help us enormously if you would please send us an image clearly showing the product, its fault or any damage.

Additionally, in any correspondence please quote your order number.

Images should be sent to us as attachments to an email addressed to [email protected] quoting your order and/or *returns number. 

When responding to you we may ask you to raise a return request so that we can test and/or inspect the faulty or damage item. 

For how to raise a return request please follow the 9 Quick Steps to Raising a Return outlined below.

*After submitting a return request you will receive a system generated email which will contain your returns address label and your unique returns (RMA) number.

Resolution Options 

if found to be faulty or defective: the return is resolved in the manner indicated as your preference.

    • If replacement has been indicated we will replace the item (stock allowing).If there is no further stock available we will make contact to discuss options for substitution.
    • Where store credit is requested we will calculate this taking into account any discounts used on the originating order.

 If no fault or defect is found:

No credit or replacement will be offered. 

In this instance we will call (or email to ask you to make contact with us) and would offer the following:

First we will explain the outcome of our tests and inspections. 

Where indicated we will offer applicable product support.

We will then ask you to make a payment for the postage charge in order for us to return the items to you once again.

Where you might wish to avoid these additional postage costs we will by prior agreement arrange to store your item which we will do for up to 6 months.

Within this 6 month period we will include the item for return to you along with a future order (however, you must request this in the notes section of the order you are placing and wish for the returned item to come back to you with - you must also  quote the RMA number).

Incorrect Item Received:

We are humans and do sometimes make mistakes. We apologise unreservedly if this has been the case and offer reassurance that we will do everything to put this right. 

Any discrepancy must be notified to us within 48 hours of receipt whereupon, as swiftly as is possible, we will address and resolve any error made. 

Please note that we photograph all orders before they leave us and we use these images to identify where an error is evident. These images help us to speedily resolve any discrepancy issues.

Having seen the discrepancy we will immediately raise and dispatch an order for the correct item or, if you prefer it we will issue store credit or refund.  

All refunds/store credits are calculated taking into account any discounts used on the originating order.

We may ask you to raise a return request so that we can retrieve the incorrectly supplied item. 

A return must be raised online carefully following the steps shown below under the heading '9 Quick Steps to Raising a Return'. 

Incorrectly Ordered Product:

If an item has been ordered incorrectly and you wish to return it to us the item must be returned to us totally intact and unopened. 

A return request must be made online following the steps shown below under the heading 9 Quick Steps to Raising a Return

Once your return request has been submitted you will receive a system generated email containing a returns address label and your unique returns number (RMA no.)

To help us in keeping our costs down, when receiving this email we respectfully request that you use the non freepost returns address and meet the cost of returning the incorrectly ordered item yourself. 

Resolution options

Where a replacement product has been indicated as preference we will call you to take payment for the new postage and packaging cost to send out the correct item to you.

Where a store credit is indicated this will be applied to your store account and is calculated to include any discounts that was used on the originating order.

If the Freepost Returns label was used when making the return and if store credit or refund is selected as the preferred outcome we will deduct the returns postage cost from the credit that is to be applied. 

Change of Mind - EXhale's Money Back Guarantee:

 We want to make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase. If you don't like one of our products or have simply changed your mind, we will do as much as we can to ensure that you are completely happy.

    • Our 'Money Back Guarantee' entitles you to a 100% refund on your product purchase (with the exception of e-liquids) if the product you have purchased is returned to us within 30 days of your having received it and it is in its unopened, original condition. Postage & Packing charges are non refundable.  
    • Your purchase must be returned intact and unopened within our 30 day warranty period.

 EXhale reserves the right to change or discontinue its 100% Money Back Guarantee policy at any time. But we probably won't.

Please make a return request online. Follow the steps shown below under the heading 9 Quick Steps to Raising a Return

Resolution Options 

Having carefully inspected the returned goods:

If they are intact and unopened and have been returned within the 30 day return period we will: 

    • Review the originating order and calculate the refund value taking into account any discount used on the original purchase. Postage charges are non refundable.
    • We will apply the appropriate refund or store credit to your account.

 If however, the goods are not found to be in a new and unopened condition we may at our discretion be able to offer a partial renumeration in the form of a store credit.

If the return has been made outside of  the 30 day period, dependant on the inspection outcome we may offer a discretionary goodwill store credit. 


We ask that you carefully follow the steps below which will ensure that the process runs responsively and smoothly.  

    • E-liquids cannot be returned under any circumstances* (*unless specifically authorised by EXhale) 
    • Your returning product must be within the 30* day warranty period and must satisfy the conditions stated in the appropriate section above (see note below)


*If your return is an atomisation device (clearomiser, atomiser, coil) you must have notified us of an issue within 48 hours of having received it. 


1. Sign In to your EXhale account

Sign In is shown at the top left of your screen. You will be asked to enter your email address and store password.

2. Click on My Account

My Account is shown at the top left of your screen.

3. Click on the heading 'Completed'

This sub-heading is grouped on the left side of the screen underneath the heading 'Manage Your Account'. 

4. Locate the applicable order under which the product was purchased and then select 'Return Item(s)'.

Return Item(s) is shown on the right-hand of the screen corresponding to your order.

5. Please select the Quantity of the items you wish to return.

 Click on the downward arrow of the drop down box and select the appropriate number.

6. Scroll down then select your Reason for Return 

Select the most appropriate from the  4 options offered.

7. Select a Return Action 

This is your preferred resolution/outcome. 

8. Add Comments clearly explaining your reason for your return.

Please give a brief description of the issue or fault.

Inform us of any troubleshooting steps you have taken in an effort to resolve the issue or if you have been in correspondence with Customer Care.

Please provide any other information you feel is relevant to the case.

9. Click 'Submit Return Request'.

Please wait a few minutes before checking your email inbox to find our system generated email which contains your Returns (RMA ID) number and freepost returns address label.

Follow our our notes on Packaging & Posting Your Return Correctly as shown below. 



Our email contains our printable returns address label on which you will see is also printed your RMA/Returns ID number.

Please print our email and use the address label or, if you have no printer facility just write out the address exactly as it is shown in the email. If writing the label out please clearly mark onto it your RMA Returns ID number positioned as shown in the emailed label.

    • Parcels that are received without an RMA number are treated as unsolicited mail.
    • EXhale do not accept unsolicited mail.
    • All unsolicited mail is disposed of.


Packaging used must be suitable to fully enclose the returning item and be adequate to protect the item so that it reaches us safely and undamaged. Where possible to reduce environmental impact, please reuse the packaging in which your original order arrived.

 Before you set out to the Post Office make sure that:

      • the returns address label is securely adhered to the package and that the
      • Returns ID (RMA NUMBER) is clearly marked and is visible.


At the Post Office Counter please ask for Proof of Posting. This is a free service and is a small printed receipt for your package. 

Please retain the Proof of Posting document until your return case is resolved and the case closed.

In the rare event that your returning goods are lost during their transit back to us we will need this document as it is proof that your package was placed in the custody of Royal Mail and as such will enable us to both make a claim for any such loss and also to be able to move on to resolve and complete your return case without having had receipt of the goods.

Thank you.

You have now done everything required and your goods will be in transit back to us.


    • Please note that the Free Post service is not a premium service and is slower than standard mail. We ask therefore for your understanding and patience during this time.
    • Once your goods have been received at our Goods Inwards at our warehouse facility it can take up to 10 working days for your return to be processed.
    • Your returned product will be carefully inspected and tested. Please note that battery testing in particular is time consuming with some individual tests taking 24 hours to complete a full cycle. 
    • We carry out tests in a specific sequence and will stop and discontinue any further testing once a fault or test failure has occurred.
    • We may contact you during this period if we need any further information. 
    • After testing and inspection notes are made on our system and your case is passed for authorisation before we carry out the appropriate resolution (as explained in the appropriate policy section above) and will then close your returns case.