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Are you new to EXhale? Get help with navigation & using our website

Many of the most common issues and niggles e cigarette users encounter can be resolved very quickly and easily - often all it takes is that little extra know-how.

With the intention of assisting both new and advanced vapers to get the very best from their vaping products, within EXhale's Help & Guides you'll discover our own straightforward, no-nonsense product maintenance guidance, exclusive tips and troubleshooting advice offering additional, supplementary product information that is intended to be read alongside the manufacturer's user manual. We'll also assist you to make the best use of your EXhale account making sure that with each order you will always benefit from our customer discounts and Reward Points scheme.

So if your battery suddenly isn't working, or is behaving in a way you wouldn't expect it to, or if your atomisation device has inexplicably failed to function then you're definitely in the right place to fix it. We'll have you back to vaping in no time at all and with the absolute minimum of fuss.

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Shopping at EXhale & Using Your EXhale Account

For information about how to order & get the best from your account read our guide: 

Getting the most from our website and your store account.

Get to know our Reward Points scheme by checking out our guide: 

Reward Points  

    • Reward Points are available to ALL EXhale account holders regardless of which internet connected device type they use to place their orders however the Reward Points app can be seen only from a desk top PC.
    • All you need to do to start collecting points and be rewarded is to register with us, log in and place your first order.

Logging In Difficulties?

If you find yourself unable to log in using your registered email address and normal password the cause is usually a 'conflict' in the memory of the internet programme on your computer and not with our website.

Clearing the cache of your internet browser will usually resolve this issue.

Clearing the cache will not harm your PC in any way.

How to clear your cache.

The actual step-by-step details required to clear the cache will be slightly different dependent on which internet browser and which version of that browser you use on your computer.

Since each browser will have different screens/layout we cannot undertake to provide detailed instructions here however if you know which browser you use a simple Google search using a phrase like 'Clear cache of (your browser)" can provide instructions for you to follow

    • Common internet browsers in use are: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.....

In General:

You need to go to SETTINGS in your internet browser.

Then choose the option to 'CLEAR CACHE'.

    • In some browsers this option might be tucked away in 'ADVANCED SETTINGS'.  

Once your cache is cleared, close and then reopen your internet browser and your problem should be resolved.

New to Vaping?

You're sure to have already come across some rather unfamiliar words and terminology.  To assist you with unravelling the jargon and understanding each component take a look through our Beginners Guide. 

e-Cigarette Care & Maintenance

Unlike an analogue (tobacco) cigarette which turns to ash and is disposed of after use, your e cig is reused again and again. It will pay you back time and time again if you take care of it well. We'll help to keep your vaping clean, clear, crisp and fresh and your hardware working at its best by showing you how to carry out a fast and efficient maintenance regime which we advise that you make an everyday habit.

Packed with useful tips and tricks our guide Daily Care & Maintenance of your Electronic Cigarette  will walk you through a very simple, fuss free procedure that takes less than 2 minutes to do.

Done regularly this procedure will keep your kit in tip-top condition whilst also saving you money and headaches!

Life span

An atomiser tank/clearomiser when cared for well by regular coil changes and good maintenance and if undamaged through impact/dropping can last for several months. When its seals begin to wear, slight leaking it is a sure sign that a replacement device is needed.

A coil has an average life span of 14-30 days when in regular use. This will be shortened if a user vapes at higher than normal temperatures.

A battery will last several months, however it is recommended to replace batteries after 4-6 months of everyday use. Signs it is nearing the end of its useful life are when it holds a charge for less time. See our guide Lithium Battery Care & Safety Warnings 

eCig Batteries
Whatever kind of device you choose to use it is vital that its battery is capable of reliably providing the power you need to keep you vaping throughout the day.
Electronic Cigarette batteries are packed with features designed to enhance their performance and their safety. To get the most of these features our product guides are intended for use alongside the user manual supplied with your kit and are aimed at enhancing your understanding of how to operate and take advantage of all built in features.

Charging Safely

When it comes to re-charging your battery it is vital that you do so safely and at EXhale are very focused on ensuring that our customers and website visitors know how to vape safely.
We urge all vapers to adopt safe charging practice and, regardless of which kit or equipment you have, we strongly recommend that all vapers read EXhale's guide Lithium Batteries Care & Safety Warnings.
This guide will help users understand the type of batteries and power cells used for vaping and most importantly how to use and re-charge them safely.


More important even than your vaping hardware, the right eliquid is essentialWe recommend that all vapers take time to read our guide: Eliquid Facts & Information which contains a wealth of information for new and advanced users. The guide will ensure that you have all the knowledge needed to make the right decisions and choices of eliquid, its flavour and its nicotine strength. 

Vaping Products sold by EXhale

Vapers are offered a comprehensive in-depth online guide in the: Exhale Product Manual a full volume vaping guide which has separate chapters dedicated to every aspect of vaping and features supplementary information about the products we sell - Just look for your specific device within the chapter index. 

If you're planning to travel outside of the UK or are out and about a great deal and want to charge your batteries in your vehicle, please also take time to read our guide: Charging Abroad Or In Your Vehicle.
Sometimes an e cigarette battery will pose a niggling issue though with constant advancements in design and technology most of the difficulties from the earliest days of vaping have been completely eradicated.
However, occasionally there are the odd hiccups and therefore, EXhale have produced guides that address the most common of those niggles offering user immediate on the spot advice and enabling them to overcome these 'faults'.
Battery On/Off or Centre Pin Issue
Battery On/Off - a built in feature of the battery and often one users are unaware of. Learn how to turn your battery on or off and protect stored power from accidental discharge.
Centre Pin Issue: Mostly this issue has been done away with however with many of the early batteries still in use this does occasionally crop up. Electronic cigarette batteries have a 'floating' 'pin' which can get stuck down. This is more common when there is poor maintenance of kit as this will allows sticky liquid residue to build up and thus these residues will stop the pin from floating -  particularly when/if the atomisation device is screwed on to the battery too tightly. Our guide shows you how to free the pin.
Battery or Atomisation Device Not Working? Troubleshooting
A general guide covering some of the most common issues one might experience and how to understand why they have occurred and vitally, how to overcome them.
ece5-5-06121.1404373387.1280.1280.jpgSpecial Note for eGo CE5 Kit and eGo CE5 Clearomiser Users
Users of the eGo CE5 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit,eGo CE5 Mini kit or the eGo CE5 Clearomiser are strongly recommended to read our dedicated guide:
CE5 Important User Information 
This guide is supplementary and additional to the product user manual and contains essential user information that will ensure hassle free vaping through providing helpful user knowledge, hints and tips and on eGo CE5 device care and maintenance.
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