Lithium Batteries - Care & Safety Warnings


EXhale has produced this guide in an effort to raise user awareness of Lithium Battery Care & Safety.

We recommend that all users of electronic cigarettes and accessories take time to read this guide in its entirety.

Our goal in providing all of the advice listed within our Help & Guides area has been written to help ensure that all vape/eCig users, whether they are EXhale customers or not, have access to clear knowledge regarding Lithium Ion battery use in order to remain safe and to properly use and care for their electronic cigarette device(s) and their vaping equipment.


Lithium Ion batteries are currently supplied in 2 types. These are:

    • Li-Co (ICR)
    • Li-Mn (IMR)     -    Li-Mn batteries present safer chemistry and are those used in our standard stater kits and batteries.


The electronic cigarette industry has developed very rapidly with users enjoying many innovative advances within a short timeframe changing with each new phase the way we vape and our demands as vapers.

As the market had developed the batteries we use have split into families of products however all use Lithium Ion technology.

Most vapers start out their vaping lives using what we term as a standard battery. This is usually an eGo type battery which has one fire button and a voltage output of around 3.7bolts at full charge.

Then came variable voltage standard batteries which allowed the user to adjust the output  of power to their atomiser. This also drove forward advances for atomisers and coils making this a very exciting phase of development.

Then came MOD's which as the term suggests refers to the off the shelf devices having been modified. Dangerous to do unless you have clear and detailed knowledge of electrical circuitry these Mod'ers began to adapt their devices for much higher performance. Manufacturers kept watch and also followed this path giving rise to the second family of power device used in vaping know as MODS. At first MOD devices were sold without all the safety features that are built into the standard batteries, however very soon they were also endowed with this clever and protective microcircuitry.

MODS are more powerful, most often adjustable by voltage and also by wattage and can have installed  built in or removable lithium cells. Within this category then came swiftly Sub Ohm, which while still a MOD is an extremely high drain high output form of vaping driven by the adaptions made to coils and wick technology and triggered once more by those who modified their set ups and made their own coils and wicks. It soon became fairly commonplace for some users to make their own coils rather than purchase pre-made versions even for standard devices. Rebuilding became popular and refers to coil and wick creation rather than battery technology.

This guide deals with all battery types as all use the same Lithium Ion technology.

All must be cared for with exactly the same attention.

We will begin then with standard batteries.



Standard eCig batteries are always dual threaded.

Being dual threaded means that a battery has both the eGo and 510 thread connections. AmeGo batteries such as those used in EXhale's standard eCig starter kits as well as those we supply individually as spares or replacements are all dual threaded.


    • The eGo threading is the larger thread you see immediately when the clearomiser is removed from the battery.
    • The 510 threading is much smaller and is seen when looking down into the battery from the top (clearomiser removed).  


While standard batteries are always dual threaded early MOD batteries almost always use only the 510 thread connection.

Some of the MOD batteries are offered with adaptors either as an included or as an optional accessory for using eGo threaded atomisers and tanks.

    • Almost always early MOD atomisers and tanks used 510 thread fittings. 
    • Please see the subheading MODS further on in this article.

Standard clearomisers for use on standard batteries that use the 510 thread connections are often supplied with a plinth (sometimes called a 'beauty ring').

    • The plinth covers the unused eGo threading. Its function is to improve the appearance of the eCig and provide stability to the tank on top of the battery as it may be wider than the battery itself. The plinth effectively bridges the gap.


Almost all devices in the electronic cigarette industry use one or the other of the thread fittings mentioned above. This means that with a dual threaded standard battery users are presented with a very wide choice of atomisation device to use. It is possible to adapt a standard kit in various ways so that it can better suit a users' own style and individual vaping preferences. Care should be taken to ensure what you choose is suitable for use with the intended battery or atomiser. If in any doubt at all, please contact us before making a purchase.

    • Atomisation devices (tanks, clearomisers) come in many different styles, shapes, sizes and colours which alter the appearance of the eCig device.
    • Atomisation devices come with various different types of coil set up and these alter and tailor the vape experience.


Please take note that MOD tanks and atomisers are designed to be used with MOD batteries only and therefore they will not function properly (if at all) when attached to a standard battery.


As part of the MOD category Sub Ohm vaping uses batteries that are extremely high powered and so the tanks used on them must be capable of withstanding this power input. Some Sub Ohm devices allow for the Lithium cells used to power them to be charged in situ while others require for the cells to be removed and charged externally. 


Very often MOD devices utilise Lithium cells which almost always must be purchased separately to the MOD or Sub Ohm device.

Check the product description carefully as you may need to add Lithium Cells to your order.

Dependant on model chosen and its functions Lithium Cells can sometimes be charged in situ without having to be removed. Other devices do not offer this facility in which case the cells will need to be removed and charged in a suitable charging unit.

Lithium cells such as the 18650 Lithium cell are designed to be used with Sub Ohm and MOD devices. These kinds of device use vast amounts of power and so high drainage is placed on the cell. Using your MOD or Sub Ohm device with high drain needs where users make or need to use higher than usual voltages of wattages will result in the need for very regular charging.

Take care when inserting/removing a lithium cell from battery or charging unit to ensure that its end points do not come under too great an amount of pressure causing them to become worn, scratched or damaged. The end points and shell are a protective coating.

    • DiSCONTINUE USE IMMEDIATELY if coating or battery/cell shell is worn or is damaged.
    • It is very dangerous to continue to use and should be disposed of.

As with other lithium batteries, do not store, use or charge in an environment that is humid, hot, or damp. See heading OTHER DAMAGING RISKS further on in this article.

Do not drop or misuse. See under the heading TRAUMA below.

Care should be taken to regularly examine your lithium cell(s) to ensure they are free from damage and are intact.

Should any damage or degradation be apparent upon inspection it should not be used or charged as doing so presents serious risk and danger.

Damaged Lithium Cells should be disposed of at a battery recycling facility or drop off point.


MOD devices and batteries are for advanced vapers only

    • Users should carefully research their options when considering the MOD category devices and vaping.


Whatever the type or make of battery you opt to purchase make sure to carefully & fully read its manual and get to know all of its features.

Most of EXhale’s electronic cigarette batteries (except some of the early MODs) contain intelligent micro-electronic circuitry providing protection during battery use.

The microprocessors have been programmed to provide feedback & information about battery and atomiser safety while the battery is in use or when it is charging/finished charging. This information maybe LED lights blinking or different colour patterns or on a display screen or a combination of both.

    • Some advanced batteries offer additional functions.
      • Care should be taken to make sure that you understand the feature set of your specific battery and its feedback signals.

To provide an example of how these microprocessors work as it is the most common 'starter" battery type in use we will explain below the features of a standard eGo type battery.

The microprocessors in an eGo battery are programmed to trigger the battery button light to flash at different times and in different patterns depending on what information it is wishing to convey. It is one colour only and there is no display screen.

    • Understanding the different flash patterns and/or readings as and when they occur in the battery you are using will ensure that you have information about the current battery status and can vape safely.

An eGo type battery will flash will when: 

    • it requires charging - The LED battery button light will omit 10 flashes before shutting down to prevent it from being over-discharged (which in itself can cause damage to the battery). This is known as over-discharge protection.
    • it will also flash when recharging is commenced (3 or 5 affirmation flashes let you know that the connections made are secure and that power is on/charging has begun). 
    • Or if a short circuit detected (see * below)
    • Or if the battery is overheated (see ** below)
    • Or as affirmations when the disablement/enablement commands are input correctly (see *** below)

* Short circuit protection is a safety mechanism;

      • users should note however that; as with all mechanisms, occasionally these are subject to failure.
      • we advise precaution in order to ensure your personal safety.

If a short circuit is detected the LED flashes 3 or 5 times.

Power will not be released from the battery to the atomiser.

      • This function protects the battery and the attached atomiser from potential damage and hazard.
      • Usually this signal lets you know there is a problem with the electrical circuit of the coil in the attached atomiser.

** When overheating is detected the user will see a warning set of 10 flashes.

The battery will cease to omit its power for a short time so as to allow for the battery and attached device to cool slightly.

      • Some manufacturers refer to this also as 'over-vaping protection' because it stops you inhaling vapour for more than 10 seconds as a time. 
      • Repeated overheating/over-vaping will force the battery to enter its disabled status.
        • If this occurs a user must re-enable the battery before vaping can continue.
        • Complete disablement forces the user to cease vaping as well as providing increased cooling time.

*** The disablement/enablement (on/off) sequence is usually 3 clicks of the battery button made within 2 seconds

      • Sometimes it is programmed to 5 clicks within 2 seconds.
    • When input correctly the LED will omit 5 flashes affirming that the command sequence is understood and received.
      • In disabled/off status the battery button will not function when pressed as if to vape.
      • When the command sequence is input again the 5 flashes affirm this and the battery button is now 'live' again and the LED will light and the battery will send power to the atomiser when it is depressed. 

EXhale advises users to make use of the disablement function when their battery is not in use (ie, between vape sessions or when in storage) to prevent accidental discharge and thus ensure the power stored in the battery is there when it is required rather than being lost.

ALWAYS read the user guide provided with your kit so that you fully understand battery warning signals/display readings.


The battery care recommendations in this guide are to be used in addition to the Daily Care and Maintenance regime advised for your specific device.



Li-Mn batteries are designed to deliver a high level of power in a very short burst in use.


Should your battery become short-circuited you need to take immediate action.

The metal causing the short circuit can become in a extremely hot in a very short space of time

    • Your battery casing may very quickly become too hot to hold and this extreme heat can lead to permanent damage and/or fire and personal safety risk.

If you experience this sudden heat (which may or may not be accompanied with a fizzing or popping sound):

    • Immediately place the battery on a non-flammable surface that is away from you and others where it cannot cause harm.
      • We suggest that taking it outdoors and placing it onto grass or a concrete/tarmac surface in the open air is most appropriate.
      • DO NOT go near to or touch the battery again until it is cooled.
    • Extreme heat will lead to permanent damage and/or fire and personal safety risk.
      • Examine your battery regularly. Never use or recharge a battery who contact points or shell has become worn or damaged in any way.
      • Doing so is extremely dangerous.

To avoid the risk of short circuit:

    • NEVER carry or store your battery with metal objects such as coins or keys.

    • These objects can create a short-circuit and thus present personal safety and fire hazard risk.

    • EXhale recommend that you always store and transport your eCig contained within in a non-conductive carry case.

    • See also our further information under the sub-heading battery storage below.



If your battery has been submerged or accidentally dropped into water:

    • DO NOT charge the battery (even if you have dried it out).
    • Dispose of it responsibly at a facility that recycles batteries or return it to is at EXhale so that we may dispose of it for you.


Allow battery subjected to extreme cold to come back to average room temperature before use.charging

NEVER leave a battery in a window or where it can become hot. This is dangerous and can cause it to leak or even to explode.

This is more urgent when leaving a battery inside a car for example where temperature can reach high levels very quickly.


If your battery has been dropped or subjected to heavy force it can be damaged inside even if it looks ok on the outside surface.

Take care of your eCig making sure you store and carry it safely at all times.

    • ALWAYS away from children and pets and ALWAYS away from heat, extremes in temerature or umidity.


The components you use for charging are as important as the battery itself.

    • Using inappropriate or damaged leads and/or adaptors or chargers present risk of fire and danger to your personal safety and can cause serious injury.
    • EXhale urges all users to take care of their equipment and to use it only as directed.

The following information should be used when charging your eCig battery(s).


ALWAYS perform a visual check of the outer casing of your battery and only continue to charge if the case and/r end points/contact points show no signs of wear or damage.

If the casing is damaged:

    • DO NOT charge the battery.
    • Dispose of it responsibly at a facility that recycles batteries or return it to us at EXhale so that we may dispose of it for you (see below).

Please see further on in this article under the heading Battery Storage for more information on short circuit risk.


ALWAYS use the correct charging equipment for your battery as supplied with your kit or replacement products purchased at EXhale.


    • NEVER use a lead or adaptor supplied with any other electronic device such as those supplied with tablets, eReaders or mobile phones even if the connections are the same.
      • These adaptors and leads are too powerful for use with an electronic cigarette battery and using them presents a fire hazard.  
    • NEVER charge your battery using a lead that has become damaged or is degraded.
    • NEVER never pull your cable or lead.
      • When connecting/disconnecting from battery or charging ports hold your lead by the socket/plug sections only.


    • Dispose of a damaged/degraded lead where facilities exist for recycling or return it to us at Exhale so that we may dispose of it for you (see below)
    • Purchase a suitable new lead from EXhale.

Replacement or additional charging leads can be found under Accessories/Chargers


Use only the recommended adapter or charging unit for use with the type of battery in use.

    • EXhale takes your safety very seriously and urge users to purchase an adaptor specifically for use with an electronic cigarette battery.
      • Our VeHo and EXhale branded adaptors are regulated to 500watts.
      • We strongly recommend that users purchase our adapters if spares or additional adaptors are required.
    • NEVER use an adaptor that has been supplied with another device (such as a mobile phone/tablet/eReader) even though they look similar and the connections are the same. These adaptors are typically 1000watts and therefore too powerful to use with your eCig battery.

The correct adaptor is found in our store under Accessories/Chargers.


EXhale strongly recommend the use of a LiPo Guard Safety Charging Bag when charging your electronic cigarette battery.

    • LiPo Guard bags are made from a fireproof fibreglass material - the same fabric that is used in some of the clothing worn by firemen. When using a LiPo Guard Safety Charging Bag correctly the eCig battery and its charger are enclosed inside throughout the charging cycle. Should the worst happen, the LiPo Guard bag will contain any sparks or flames.

LiPo Guard bags can be purchased in store by clicking here: Li-Po Safety Charging Bag


For in car or charging whilst abroad see under the heading IN CAR CHARGING below.

    • Before attaching your charging lead to the battery use tissue to wipe over and remove all liquid residue from your battery ensuring that all contact points and threads are clean and clear.
    • Connect cleaned battery to charging lead.
      • DO NOT over tighten  - finger tight only is sufficient.
    • Connect the charging lead to: - (dependant on your chosen charging method please choose appropriate option):

Domestic Mains:

    • Connect to adaptor if using domestic supply.
        • Push USB connector firmly into USB port of the adaptor.


    • Push the USB connection firmly into USB port of your PC.
        • If PC is powered up and active charging will begin immediately.
        • NOTE: If during charging the PC enters a power-saving mode power supplied to the port in use will cease and therefore, interupt charging.

All users:

Domestic Mains only

    • Push adaptor into dometic supply.
    • Switch on power to begin charging cycle.

PC Users only

    • Push USB port into powered on computer to begin charging cycle.
      • Take care to ensure your PC does not power down during the re-charge. If you use Power Saving settings, be aware that if they come on during charging power to the port is ceased and charging is interrupted.


    • NEVER charge near to any flammable material(s), heat source or near water/moisture.
    • NEVER leave a battery charging over-night or unattended.


Charge only for the recommended time.

NEVER charge over-night or leave a charging battery unattended.

As soon as the indictor on your charging device advices that the charging cycle is complete:

    • Switch off power and remove all equipment from the power source.
    • Dismantle by unplugging and unscrewing components carefully and store safely out of reach of children and pets.
      • DO NOT pull on cable/lead as this can cause irreparable damage the cable.
    • If you are not using the battery immediately: execute the disablement command sequence to protect the newly stored power from accidental discharge.
    • Place your disabled battery inside a carry case and store this away from heat or moisture.

*See battery storage below


If you wish to charge your batteries in a 12v vehicle socket EXhale can supply you with a suitable adapter.

Refer to our guide “Charging whilst Abroad Or In Your Vehicle located under the heading 'Guides'.


Vehicles/Cars can become extremely hot very rapidly and are a dangerous environment in which to charge and store lithium batteries. 

    • NEVER leave an eCig battery inside your car where it is exposed to these extreme temperatures.


All users should refer to our guide Charging whilst Abroad Or In Your Vehicle located under the heading 'Guides'.


NEVER leave a battery where it is subject to extremes in temperatures.

      • This includes both low and high temperatures.
    • NEVER leave your battery where it is in direct sunlight or in an enclosed space (such as inside a car) where it can become extremely hot very rapidly.


    • NEVER carry batteries in your pocket or loose in a bag where it is surrounded by or can come into close contact with any metal object such as coins or keys. Doing so presents a real risk of creating a short circuit.
    • ALWAYS store and transport your battery in a non-conductive container.
    • Carry cases can be found under Accessories/Carrying Cases.


There are real personal safety and fire risks when these batteries not handled and cared for as directed.

Pertinent risks factors are

    • overcharging
    • short circuit
    • if they become submerged in water (even if they have been dried out) or
    • if their cases or contact points have become damaged

Following the safety precautions as advised within this guide will help to ensure your personal safety.


EXhale Cigarettes Ltd. accepts no responsibility or liability for any injury or damage to persons or property resulting from failure to follow the information and warnings provided within this guide in addition to those set out the user manual supplied with your product.


EXhale wants to protect the planet for future generations and so asks users to take measures to avoid unnecessary landfill.

Facilities exist within the UK to ensure that used equipment is recycled and/or disposed of safely.

If you do not have a recycling facility near to you where you can dispose of used batteries or leads, we are more than happy to take care of this for you.

To use our RECYCLING SERVICE please enclose all items being posted to us for disposal securely wrapped in suitable packaging

Please address your pack to:

EXhale Cigarette Ltd
PO Box 297
St Austell
PL25 9FJ