5 e-cig facts you might not know

It seems like every week there’s a new e-cig story to hit the news, and now those who don’t even smoke think they know all the pros and all the ‘cons’ that come with vaping.

But there are a few not so well recognised facts. And it’s those that we’re going to look at here. So without further ado, here are 5 e-cig facts that you might not know:

They’ve been around since the 60's... - ... sort of. In 1963 a man named A. Gilbert patented a device named “a smokeless non-tobacco cigarette”. The device heated a nicotine liquid and created a vapour, not too dissimilar to the thing we know and love today. Several manufacturers were apparently interested, but it never went much further than that. Read more about this on our blog post from back in May here: Who came up with the idea of an electronic cigarette?

It’s a big business – As a testament to their ever increasing popularity and their chase after the traditional tobacco cigarette, the e-cig business in 2013 had sales of over $1 billion. If this trend continues, they’ll replace normal cigarettes within the next 10 years. Are we heading for a Tobacco Free Britain?

There’s no smoke – One of the biggest problems of normal cigs is the smoke that you inhale and what it contains., E-cigs deliver the nicotine that smokers are addicted to but without the smoke. This means there is no smell, no harsh chemicals, no second hand smoke. 

There are a whole lot of flavours – Because the nicotine is delivered in liquid form, the manufacturers can flavour the liquids however they like. This is one of the biggest pulls of the e-cig and the reason many choose it over traditional tobacco products. E-liquids are produced in traditional tobacco flavours, many simulating well known brands but more and more popular are the fruits like Orange, Lemon, Mango and others such as Menthol, Mint, Rum, Coffee, Toffee and so on... 

You control the nicotine – Every smoker has a different preference to their nicotine intake; how strong the hit at the back of their throat is, the amount of vapour that is produced when you’ve inhaled whereas with traditional tobacco products, all that is out of your control. One of the best things is that with an e-cig you can customise is it to be uniquely you. Your e-cig, nobody else’s.

There are so many great things about vaping and electronic cigarettes. After the initial outlay you could see yourself saving £££'s and living a healthier, cleaner life.

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5th Aug 2014 Daniel Frater

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