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  • Charging the ASPIRE AVP POD KIT


Aspire AVP AIO Kit

The AVP is the latest of Aspire’s All-In-One (AOI) kits which features the ‘auto draw’ function meantime that, once powered up there is no need to press any buttons since as you in ha.e the device will automatically fire.

Another nice additional function of the Aspire AVP is that it offers the user the ability to adjust & vary the wattage & therefore, the power output of the device To tailor the vape experience.

It’s built in 700mAh battery is powerful enough for all day vaping (depending on the power output set & your personal vaping style). 

The AVP kit comes with all the safety features that Aspire is famous for leaving you safe in the knowledge that Aspire has your protection in mind at all times.


The Aspire AVP pod of which there are two supplied with the kit one with a Nichrome coil the other Ceramic.

The pod which is multifunctional is held to the device magnetically meaning that there is no need fiddle with screwing/unscrewing to fill and service. 

It is the mouthpiece and the tank as well as housing the coil and wicks. These are completely sealed and so are completely leakproof.

The pod’s tank accepts 2ml of eliquid and therefore is TPD compliant. 

The coil is -reinstalled and is sealed inside of the pod and therefore while the is not removable or replaceable the POD itself,is,designed to be replaced.


  • The Nichrome coil has a resistance of 1.2oHms.
  • The Ceramic coil of The ACC pod has a resistance of 1.3oHms.


Aspire AVP Filling

The AVP pod is replaceable and is held to the device magnetically. It accepts most types of filling bottle offering convenient and leak free filling & use..

To refill

  1. Remove the pod from the device by pulling it upward.
  2. Invert the pod to reveal its spring-loaded leak-resistant valve (see image below)
  3. Gently press the nozzle of your eliquid bottle downward into the valve then squeeze gently to fill (2ml capacity)
  4. When filled, remove bottle, upturn the pod then replace the pod to the unit magnetically clicking it into place.

Please note: For first use of a pod, when filled for the first time allow the device stand for at least 5 minutes to saturate/prime the cotton wick inside. This prevents dry burn or damage to coil or wick.



Charging your AVP device

Charging is achieved via the supplied Micro USB cable & the charge current can reach a maximum of q000mA,

The LED will flash 3 times when the cable is connected to confirm charging is beginning.

During charging the LED will indicate the current charge status as follows:


3.5 volts or less= red light

3.5 to 3.8 volts= blue light

3.8 volts and above =green light.


When fully,charged the LED will flash GREEN 20 times then remain off.

As you unplug the cable the green light will flash 3 times.


Kits Contains

AVP Regular Kit (TPD Version)

1 x AVP battery unit

2 x AVP pods

1 x Micro USB cable

1 x Lanyard

1 x Warranty card

1 x  User manual


AVP Vape Kit Dimensions

(manufacturer’s images)






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Warranty Information

Exhale's products (*excluding exceptions) are covered with a 30 Day Guarantee. *Exceptions: 1. For Health & Safety reasons Eliquids are sold as non-returnable. Please take care when ordering to select the correct strength and flavour. 2. Atomisation devices/coils are covered for a period of 48 hours from receipt. Please ensure your device is functioning properly as soon as you receive it. Exhale recommends that purchasers be aware that electronic cigarette atomisers and batteries, although made to the highest standards, are functional devices that may fail and that they will deteriorate over a period of time, more so if in daily use. As a general guide, an atomiser's lifespan is approx. 14-80 days dependant on usage, and a battery has a life of approx. 1-4 months.
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