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Considering their amazing versatility, it wont be exactly earth-shattering news to you that 'all-in-one' kits are the new big thing! 

Winning best of breed, perhaps the most accomplished of them all is the incredible - Aspire Plato 

A true all-rounder in every sense of the word Aspire Plato not only performs well it has seriously great looks and is available in range of seriously appealing colours.

Plato is sub ohm or BVC and performs equally well in either state making it a treat to use no matter whether you like to direct to lung or mouth to lung vape or change it around to suit your mood.

It's priced below even what it would cost if you were to build your own comparable box mod. Added to which its off-the-shelf so comes without any of the hassle of your having to hunt down all the parts, work out the compatible fittings and build it - Bonus!

All in one's might be the next big thing in the world of vaping, but that almost wasn't the case. Early devices came in for some very harsh criticism... dare I mention the Kangertech NEBOX? Thankfully the peeps at Aspire have been paying close attention and, having listened carefully to  all the raised voices with the launch of Plato Aspire has shown that not only had they had received the message loud and clear, but also that they had made every effort to correct the shortcomings of its predecessors. The Plato is how an All in One should be

I make no secret of it that I'm a big fan of Aspire products.. so in the interests of fainess and honesty perhaps the best way for me to introduce you to the Plato is to have a bit of a look at its Pro's and the Con's (yes cons!)

Plato Pros

  • Plato is a true all-in-one vaping device having with it specific mouthpieces designed to create the perfect experience when you have the device set up for either....
    • Sub ohm - Direct to Lung or,
    • BVC Mouth to Lung vaping.
  • Showcasing its adaptability the Plato Kit has been designed with a removable Pyrex tank. This (in my opinion) really makes this a double Plato Pro because not only does having it removable simplify the whole cleaning and maintenance process but also, should you somehow go and break the tank, since it's removable it's also replaceable -  so should the worst happen to Plato's pyrex glass tube you won't have the expense of having to replace the entire unit.


  • The tanks chamber has 2 filling ports, used both open for complete draining or you can use either for refilling this making everday maintenance oh-so simple! 
  • Onboard is a super powerful ICR 2500mAh lithium battery cell which holds tonnes of power. 
  • With all that storage capacity you won't need to replace the battery often but, when you do Aspire's engineering geniuses have made it so easy and accessible to get at; held in place by magnets Plato's battery cover just glides smoothly open.
  • Just while we're still talking about batteries; the mini-USB port doubles duty acting as the charging port as well as connection port allowing users to update the device firmware. This can be accomplished from any computer or even by connecting it to a smartphone!
  • An auto-rotating display screen - for ambidextrous you!
  • A customisable start-up window - personalise that boot-up moment. A nice personalising touch (*windows only).
  • Nautilus coil compatible 
  • Sensible price - 

Buy your own Aspire Plato at EXhale for £59.99 (*less any available store discounts) 

Just follow this link: Aspire Plato

Plato Cons

Much as I love this sweet little box... nothing is (yet) perfect. Having said that, my cons list is rather short. Try as I might I could only find two things about Aspire Plato I wished had been done differently.

  • Niggle 1: You can't continue to vape while your charging.

   Considering the massive battery life and ease of battery changing this is a minor gripe but still....

  • Niggle 2: It isn't Cleito coil compatible. 

Really and truly I've struggled to come up with this last one. Perhaps you could say that I'm including it to be just - As in its 'just' a matter of my own personal preference, since I do prefer Cleito over Nautilus coils!

All-in-all as an All-in-One I'm pretty impressed by this offering from Aspire finding Plato not only very easy to use its also a doddle to maintain.

I get a pleasant draw which doesn't require me to bust a lung and, unlike other offerings in this class, it seems to be built to last. 

If you're looking for an 'all-in-one' to become your New BFF, I'd highly recommend the Aspire Plato.

26th Sep 2016 Dan

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