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Welcome to EXhale - We are one of the U.K's leading suppliers of premium electronic cigarettes. Read More

Electronic cigarettes received their first international patent back in 2007, however as a product it actually began exporting a little earlier than this, back in 2005-2006. Since then, electronic cigarettes in the UK have boomed, their popularity being driven not by advertising or big company backing but entirely by the successes people have experienced in using eCigarettes.

This success has seen the eCig industry grow rapidly and the number of products available to us as consumers has grown with it and with each new release we witness new transformations and progression as the products continuously improve and evolve.

An incredible choice is now available to vapers - different designs of eCig - different shapes, sizes and colours with the more cutting-edge models sporting batteries and atomisers featuring the most advanced and up-to-the-minute technologies every change is making vaping better and better.

It's not just the e-cig that's evolved. Alongside it e-liquid has be subjected to vast changes too. Our shelves are packed with a huge variety of eliquid flavours, in different blends and in a wide selection of nicotine strengths which can be tailored to suit every vapers needs and desires.

Are you ready to make that incredible leap of faith?
Come on in and discover the freedom vaping brings - you're in safe hands vaping with us at EXhale. Read More

With so much choice and new jargon to get your head around we absolutely understand that making these first time decisions can be somewhat challenging - how do you decide which eCig or which strength of eliquid to choose?

At EXhale we've done much of the hard work already.

  • We've selected and built a range of products that we feel showcase the best of what's on the market and an extensive user guidance area right here on our website available to you 24/7.
  • Our warehouse is packed to the rafters with fantastic products.
  • Everything we stock is picked & packed by EXhale's staff.
  • Your packaged goods are shipped directly to you from our UK warehouse no matter where you are in the UK.
  • We have hundreds of returning customers who both live and travel all over the globe.

Electronic Cigarettes have been an instant global success with more-and-more people every single day who choosing to turn their backs on traditional tobacco & cigarettes and make that transition to vaping with an electronic cigarette.

Benifits Read More

There are many, many benefits to vaping rather than smoking which fuel that success and each benefit brings with it a host of extraordinarily and very compelling reasons why you should be making the smart switch for yourself today!

Yes now! - Why not right away?

  • Cost
    • Vaping with an e-cigarette is far and away cheaper than smoking.
    • Due to inflation, the price of tobacco cigarettes continues to rise but,
    • If you vape electronically you will continue to be able to enjoy the same nicotine and tobacco taste without the massive expense.
    • Once you have paid for your basic kit to get started you can begin to enjoy the £££'s you would have spent smoking tobacco on other things - save for a great holiday or buy yourself some other instant treat - so much is possible.
  • Odour-Free
    • E-cigarettes are odourless.
    • When you vape you will say goodbye to the fact that everything you own smells like stale cigarettes.
    • Not only that, but because they are odour free they are also inoffensive to others.
    • When you vape you don't have to worry about disturbing anyone with the smoke from your cigarette.
    • E-Cigs are safe to use and are allowed in public places.
  • Safer & Healthier
    • There is nothing to light. Vaping does not pose a fire hazard.
    • Electronic cigarettes and eliquids do not have the over 4000 harmful chemicals that traditional cigarettes contain and so are much safer for your health.
    • Not only that, they will not affect the health of others around you.
    • They're smoke free so there's no second hand smoke for you or for anyone else to worry about.
  • Accepted Socially
    • Despite the oftentimes negative media attention they occasionally get, the fact is that vaping e-cigarettes is widely-accepted.
    • Vaping is a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes and tobacco so it's just not viewed in the same way.
    • In the UK, electronic smoking is widely-accepted and it is okay to vape in public places.

Did you know that...Read More

Smoking traditional cigarettes can hinder your romantic life?

The biggest deterrent of romantic relations between a smoker and a non-smoker is the foul odour of cigarettes.

Vaping gives cupid a helping hand because it is odour free and cant be tasted when you go in for that passionate kiss!

Scientific studies are producing evidence that vaping is a healthy alternative to smoking?

It is true, more and more studies are being published that are proving time and time again that vaping is a much better choice to make than for a smoker to continue to smoke.

Over the years the world has changed its opinions and views about smoking cigarettes hugely. Gone are the days in the 50's, 60's 70s and even 80's where parents smoked in the home while sipping coffee and chatting with friends as their children played around them......

Gone are the day when mum or dad smoked as they drove along with their child in the back. Law now prohibits this.

Gone too are the days where smoking is acceptable in restaurants or other public places. Law now prohibits this.

For the most part it is not only the law but also society who hold an extremely negative view of smoking. This is understandable given their many proven negative health effects and the fire hazard smoking can cause.

These changes of attitude and in laws have created discomfort for smokers as they were banished outside - away from their family and friends.

If a smoker chose to vape instead then they would no longer need to do this. Vaping is a real and very viable alternative.

Of those who have successfully made the switch most say they PREFER VAPING to smoking...... and that given the choice would never want to go back!

Are you ready to join the hundreds and thousands of others who have successfully made the switch and who are now proud to be vapers?

How do eCigs work?Read More

Electronic cigarettes in the UK are comprised of lithium battery (or cell), and a tank to hold eliquid and in the tank an atomiser coil head through which is a wick.

In a nutshell - you'll simply connect your charged (rechargeable) battery, select the right eliquid (one that has the flavour you like and in the nicotine strength that is right for you), fill the tank with it - and that's it - you're set to relax and enjoy your electronic cigarette using it just the same way as if you were inhaling on a cigarette.

As you inhale, the battery and atomiser's smart sensors quickly begin to work for you. You're now "vaping" . The elquid is delivering the precise amount of nicotine you want or need. Now you are vaping instead of smoking. You are both smoke free and odour free.

EliquidRead More

All of our eliquid at EXhale Cigarettes is carefully manufactured to the highest of standards and are extremely high-quality.

Our E liquid is guaranteed to provide you will the same smooth flavour and throat hit that a regular cigarette would have done. The major difference is that our eliquids mean that you are minus the 4000 harmful and toxic chemical additives found in cigarettes and tobacco smoke. That's pretty compelling isnt it?

We advise that you start of with a liquid with a flavour similar to that which you have been smoking, but when you're ready or are feeling adventurous you can certainly branch out a bit flavourwise, something you could not do as a smoker. A new or different flavour brings a new and exciting element to your life and is amazing now that as part of your body recovering your senses of taste and smell come back.

As well as the tobacco flavours we stock we also have several more exotic flavours of E liquid. It is a big menu which incudes such flavours as:

Menthol Strawberry Lime Tiramisu Peanut butter Green Mint

Black Cherry Hot Cinnamon White Chocolate Mango Lemonade

French Vanilla Icecream Caramel Mocha Peach Custard

Glacè Fruit Irish CreamBubble Gum Red-Cow

our list goes on ... and on.....

With EXhale's electronic cigarettes and our marvelllous selection of eliquids you'll be able to enjoy the pure smooth flavour of nicotine in a convenient delivery system.

And you'll be WITHOUT the unhealthy tar and carbon monoxide. Your body will become a temple; well only if you want it to be. The point is you'll be on your way to a healthier new you - a you who smells better and has more money avaiable to spend on the good things in life and will soon be enjoying them more fully.

And you can do all without having to give up a thing - well except for all the negatives of smoking that is

More-and-more UK smokers are making the switch to electronic cigarettes and bevoming UK Vapers - shouldn't you?

Now is the timeRead More

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