Variable Voltage Standard Batteries

Variable Voltage Standard Batteries

Our selection of VARIABLE VOLTAGE batteries suitable for standard vaping devices.

Tailor your vape experience by ramping up the volts or by adjusting the wattage.


An understanding of oHms law will assist you to choose the right voltage to set. As a general guide we suggest that you turn the setting down low to begin with and then adjust upwards in small increments until you reach your sweet-spot then stop.

Using higher than normal voltages/wattages will use stored power more quickly and so you will need to recharge sooner than when set at a standard output and also you should be aware than vaping at high voltage/wattage will shorten the lifespan of your coil.


Cranking the power up too high will risk carbonising the wick or even 'blowing' the coil causing immediate failure.


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