Sub Ohm Coils

Sub Ohm Coils

  • Aspire A5 Penta Coil

    Aspire A5 Penta-Coil - replacement coil head

    Aspire A5 Penta-Coil replacement coils - pack of 1. Suitable for the Aspire Athos Tank which utilises both Aspire  A5 Penta- coil and A3 Tri-Coil coil heads the Penta-coil head features 5 individual coils each of which is blanketed in organic...
  • Aspire Cleito EXO 1.6oHm coil pack Single Aspire Cleito EXO 1.6oHm Coil

    Aspire Cleito EXO Replacement Coils (pack of 5)

    Specifically for use with the Aspire Cleito EXO tank, these coils  provide the maximum of flavour and vapour production Please note: It is important to use a battery capable sub ohm firing levels and/or that supports Temperature Controlled (TC)...
  • Aspire Replacement Revvo ARC Radial Coils


    Aspire Revvo ARC Radial Coils

    Aspire Radial Coils Offering outstanding value and convenience, this blister pack of 3 Aspire ARC coils for the Aspire Revvo tank are perfect performers. Made from Kanthal material the full circumference, horizontally fitted ARC coil offers the maximum...
  • SS 0.5oHm CLOCC replacement coils - blister pack of 5 coils. CLOSS Coil

    KangerTech CLOCC CL Coils

    KangerTech CLOCC replacement coils - pack of 5 Kanger CLOCC coils are suitable for use with all KangerTech CL tanks and are available in resistances SS - 0.5oHm 1.0oHm NiCr 1.5oHm Ni200 -.15oHm for Temperature Control use. Coils should be...