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Phat Phog 100ml Shortfill + 2 Nic Shots

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Phat Phog 100ml Shortfill + 2 Nic Shots

Make your room into a pea-souper with Phat Phog eliquid.

To Use

Add the jet fuel which comes in the form of the two included 10ml 18mg Nic Shot bottles to the 100ml flavoured liquid and shake. 

2 Nic shots to 100ml = 120ml of 3mg strength eliquid.

Add those same two nic shots to just 50ml of the flavoured shortfill liquid to make a 6mg strength eliquid.

Whatever way you do it, the flavour and vape will blow you away!

Phat Phog Flavour Options 

  • Phatcurrant
    • This is totally banging. A mishmash of fat blackcurrant berries, infused with our secret ingredient making it sparkle magically on your tongue. WARNING - may cause taste bud overload! 
  • Phat Phunk
    • Get The Phunk Outa Here!!! This really is the taste of pineapple! Perfectly ripe, you'll Phunk out when you get a taste of this juice -  not too sweet & not too citrusy either!
  •  Phat'G
    • Where do you find the Phattest grapes in the world? Right here is where! This juice is crisp and clean. Fresh with a tantalising subtle undertone of spearmint . 
  • Phat Mango
    • There's nothing on earth quite like a sweet, perfectly ripe mango, its juices dripping down your chin. Oh wait, yes there is!!! Phat Mango eliquid has captured that experience and given it a little mild mint undertone to feel on the Exhale. This is a mango experience like no other!
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Warranty Information

Exhale's products (*excluding exceptions) are covered with a 30 Day Guarantee. *Exceptions: 1. For Health & Safety reasons Eliquids are sold as non-returnable. Please take care when ordering to select the correct strength and flavour. 2. Atomisation devices/coils are covered for a period of 48 hours from receipt. Please ensure your device is functioning properly as soon as you receive it. Exhale recommends that purchasers be aware that electronic cigarette atomisers and batteries, although made to the highest standards, are functional devices that may fail and that they will deteriorate over a period of time, more so if in daily use. As a general guide, an atomiser's lifespan is approx. 14-80 days dependant on usage, and a battery has a life of approx. 1-4 months.
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