Experience of Exhale's new PLATINUM EDITION ELIQUID (with customer survey)

I've been totally utterly hooked on menthol flavoured eliquid for ages now and even though Im now nicotine free I just can't do without that bite it gives me at the back of the mouth and deep in my chest. 

Along the way since having taken up the battery powered wonder that is the eCig I've tried a fair few different brands but its been Exhale Black Label that scored a bulls-eye. Since finding it, though I have experimented with other flavours as they came and went, I've never found another which I could call an all day vape.

With the recent launch of Exhale's new Platinum Edition range my interest was piqued because in the menu is not just one called Menthol but a total of 9 flavours altogether that feature Menthol or have Mint or Ice appearing in the flavour names.

Having bought so many eliquids in the past (which I've tried and abandoned) I've developed a rule to save myself disappointment and money what you might call a somewhat "if it ain't broke don't fix it' philosophy to buying my juice by sticking to just one.

But when I saw that Exhale Platinum Edition and the Platinum Max VG ranges were priced at £3.00 per bottle the exact same price as Black Label, I suddenly found myself feeling as if I was standing at the counter at one of those all you can eat buffets. my well-intentioned waste not want not philosophy about to fly right out of the window!

"It wont hurt "I said to myself... "it might be interesting to experiment... I could make a like for like comparison between the two and see if there is better than Black Label after all". Before I knew what I was doing I'd clicked 1 x Platinum Edition Menthol into my basket, quickly followed by 1 x Menthol Xtra and 1 x Menthol Mint. To appease the god of money I sacrificed 3 x Black Label Menthol which came out. I then whizzed though checked out before I could chicken out. Then job done I sat back for a day or two to wait for my orders' arrival.

The next time my Triton needed a refill after the packaged had arrived my curiosity was whispering to me "Go on, notch it up a gear".  Deciding that I may as well 'Go Big or Go Home I unwrapped Platinum Edition's Menthol Xtra......


HOLY CRAB......WTF!!!!

Like some whacky cartoon character my eyeballs had left my head as if on stalks that were made of some sort of super-powered and tightly-coiled springs. Inside of me my lungs had turned to solid ice and cracked into a million pieces. WARNING: Platinum Edition Menthol Xtra is seriously hard-core, and is a totally different beast to Black Label Menthol or the old Black Label Double Menthol. Being someone who appreciates that impactful chest hit when I vape, it is suffice to say I loved it, I may well have discovered a new favourite.

However I had ordered the two others so I felt I should putting it aside to continue to enjoy later  -I was now feeling somewhat excited to move on to try one of the others so next time I needed to fill I opened Platinum Edition Menthol-Mint. And, to do this flavour justice particularly after the incredible force of having Menthol Xtra  I decided to put in a fresh coil.

At first my take on Menthol Mint seemed very blah, blah... it tasted like it was nothing special.... and way too tame. Maybe I should not have used Menthol Xtra first!

After a while as I acclimatised to its more demure demeanour I discovered it tasted sweeter than Menthol alone and less blah. It's true to say that having now enjoyed 3 tank fulls of it that I have developed rather an appreciation for it. 

There is actually a nice dose of menthol which does provide a good sharp bite of ice freshness, this is softened in the aftertaste by the presence of the sweeter more mellow mint flavour.

With just one left of my trio of Platinum Edition eliquids left to try, there now came the ultimate test - a direct comparison between Black Label Menthol and Platinum Edition Menthol. 

As I fitted new coils to identical tanks (keeping it fair) it felt a little like I was preparing for The Gunfight at The OK Corral.... as if these tanks were two dusty and trail-worn cowboys who had just slid out of their well-worn saddles after a hard days ride... snarling at one another they had a score to settle and called each other out for a dual. 

As I uncapped each bottle and began to squeeze in the juice it was as if those gritty and lawless bushwhackers were loading up their pistols, then standing back to back, their spurs clicking with each step they each take their  customary 12 paces. Who would turn fasted and shoot the other down first? 

The atmosphere is getting a little intense here, isn't it? OK so, here goes... 

Black Label first since it has been my 'Go To' juice for so long. I take a long and deep inhale. Niiiiice. Can't knock it.... It still hits the spot and still does it for me. I take another big drag just to be absolutely sure. Yep. Without doubt it is still just as good as it ever was. Top Drawer.

Now for Platinum Edition - and time for another deep lung-filling intake. Oh. OK.  Wow, this is good. It's real good. I take another hit and slowly blow out the vapour. Cool. Crisp. Sharp. It is not Menthol Xtra powered, but then it never claimed to be..but it is exceptional of that there is no doubt. 

Exhale Customer Survey

Vaping Vixen, now that you have tried Platinum Edition eLiquids would you buy them again? 

Yes to Menthol and Yes to Menthol Xtra for sure. Maybe even Menthol Mint at a push...

Would you buy them any of them as a substitute if for example you could not get Black Label for some reason?

Yes I would have no hesitation in doing so and when I have used them a little longer I may even end up choosing them over and above Black Label!

So you're saying that you would buy them before choosing Black Label?

Yeah, I just might. I definitely like them enough to vape the entire bottle of each and not consign them to my discarded/emergency supplies box (we all have one don't we?).

Tell us your honest thoughts having tried them? 

I really like Menthol Xtra. But my fear is that it might be so strong that if I did choose to vape it all of the time its sheer power might end up making my taste-senses a bit dulled and then stop me from enjoying other flavours in time? It feels like it could be a risk even if only because at times liquids do go out of stock or even can disappear altogether. On reflection, I think for the moment I will still choose to uuse Menthol but now I'd be happy to choose either the Platinum or Black Label and I'd just buy one or two Menthol Xtra's for use as an occasional vape liquid.

What about the other flavours, do you think you might try others from the Platinum Edition range 

Yes I noticed that there is Platinum Max made just for sub ohm vaping and I would like to experiment with that. And there are other flavours with mint or menthols so I would also be for up trying them out later on.

Finally, would you recommend Platinum Edition eLiquids to others?

I would recommend others give Platinum Edition a whirl - What have you got to lose?

16th Sep 2016 Vaping Vixen

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