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New Report Says “Electronic Cigarettes Choice of Those Trying to Quit Tobacco”

Electronic cigarettes’ making the news in the United States isn’t something new. Challenge both big tobacco and the pharmaceutical giants and you are bound to attract attention. This week, though, there was outstanding news, for the Electronic Cigarette Industry, released to the public.

The consumer study group, Kantar Media, conducted a study involving the sending out of 50,000 questionnaires, to random addresses, across the US. They received a surprisingly large number of responses, from these questionnaires, with reaction rate in excess of 40 percent.

What they found was that among people who were trying to quit smoking, 57 percent were choosing electronic cigarettes over prescription medications or over the counter cessation aids, with OTCs and prescription drugs combining for only a 39 percent use rate. The study report also went on to say “E-cigarette users are 35% more likely than all adults to say their current health is much or somewhat better than it was a year ago” and surprisingly compared to non-smokers, e-cig users reported, more often feeling healthier.

While this news, in itself, is not earth shattering, when this information is combined with a report released in May, here in the UK, by “Addiction Journal”, that found that of 6,000 participating smokers, who were trying to quit. Those who were using electronic cigarettes were more likely to find success than those using nicotine gum or patches and the future bodes well for the electronic cigarette industry.

While the e-cigarette industry is presently forbidden, by law, from making claims as an aid to those wishing to quit using other tobacco products, consumers don’t seem to care, and if research continues to mount with results such as these, that could, very well soon change. 

14th Aug 2014 Daniel Frater

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