Electronic Cigarettes in the News 27 January 2015

Welcome back chaps, it’s good to see you all once again. It's been a few weeks since we have had a news round up here. But I hope you have been enjoying the other bits that Exhale Cigarettes have been bringing to you.

To perfectly blunt about the state of things, there hasn’t really been a great deal of original news to report in our little e-cig world. From the states there was a new report released by the CDC (Centre for Disease Control) about the dangers of eliquid vapour. They didn’t report any new research, though. They just parroted out the same garbage that they've been spouting for years.

Then of course, the usual suspect, Dr. Siegel, who's been oft quoted here, had to trump them on their new report with one of his own. It's been the same old he said - she said drivel that we've seen across the pond for much too long.

Fanciful & French

On the lighter side of things, across the channel in France they're facing a slightly more giggly issue. We reported here some time back, there has been a cannabinoid based electronic cigarette released in France. While there's no evidence that it will do more, than help relieve stress, the authorities have developed a fear that it will be used by the less legally self-restrained sectors of French society as a means of hiding and using Hash Oil. 

Lord knows, the French don’t need anything else to make their thinking seem muddled.

There's presently a move to have this new product declared, yes you guessed it -  illegal.

Viral Buzz about Viruses

A little closer to home, here in Britain, I have a piece for you that, to be honest, I've tried to ignore.

Social media is still abuzz with this tripe that you could infect your computer with Malware by charging your electronic cigarette with a USB charger. While I still cannot believe that people are buying into this, I do believe, that I've finally have untangled its lineage.


It seems that the original story began at that bastion of reliable information, Reddit. Unfortunately, at this time the original poster no longer seems to be answering questions or replying to comments. In fact, it has been over a month since there was any activity at all on the account.

The Guardian

The original post caused an understandable wave of concern, but the story didn’t really take off until a fit of contemporary journalism struck "The Guardian" and they ran the unverified story. Once the story received credence from what some would call a responsible [sic] source, it then exploded over the internet and thus began to appear everywhere.

At the time of this writing, I've not been able to find a single charger that has data cables inside, and the majority did not even have the pins for data hook ups. In the interest of fairness, I will say that, in theory, it is possible that such a setup could be contrived, but to date, no one has been able to show a charger cable properly set up for it.

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30th Jan 2015 Dan@Exhale

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