​Avoiding the Two Most Common Clearomiser Cockups

Avoiding the Two Most Common Clearomiser Cockups

As vapers we have more options today than ever before. For my money a good quality clearomiser is as good as it gets. Early models that were fraught with issues ranging from leakage to being difficult to fill, whereas today's clearomisers are the epitome of what vaping should be like. They're easy to fill, difficult to run dry (since you can easily see the eliquid level), often they are highly modifiable and customisable and can be rebuilt, meaning more vape for less money.

This isn't to say that you won't still have an occasional issue with a clearomiser. Afterall, nothing built by man is perfect or lasts forever..

Most of the problems that people have with the most up to date and advanced  electronic cigarettes can be traced back to user error, and generally speaking, as you gain more experience in using them you will have fewer issues. 

To try and steepen the learning curve slightly, here are two of the most common signs that you have cocked up and tips on how to correct or even avoid it completely.

Dry Hit

Sooner or later, this is going to happen to you so just be ready for it. Take it on the chin and trust me; you'll know it when it happens.... You'll go to take a nice sweet drag, and instead of vapour you get a burnt metal taste. Ugh!

A dry hit and burnt taste is usually caused by one of two things. Either you have not been paying proper attention, maybe one too many tipples, or you have only just filled your tank and didn't wait long enough for the liquid to soak in a bit before starting to vape.

The solution to either problem is simple. In case one, refill your electronic cigarette before having that last pint and in the second case, learn to be a little patient and wait at least 5 minutes after filling before you start to vape.

Exhale recommend that you keep your tanks topped up, this way there's no risk of running dry! The most modern clearomisers are bottom filled with coils located in the base and easy to change without the need (as in the older systems) to empty the tank first!


If you hear a gurgling sound and end up with unvapourised eliquid on your tongue, just like with a dry vape, it can be traced back to one of two things. The first is that you were not as careful as you needed to be when filling your clearomiser and you've let the 'juice' get down the 'chimney' and the second is that you have been 'sizzling' your electronic cigarette.

Obviously, the solution to the first problem is to be more cautious and to make sure to correctly fill your tank, but if you should slip up, you can clear it by blowing it out. Of course, as with most blows (!!!!) you'll want to have a tissue handy to keep from making a mess.

The second issue 'sizzling' is one that I still have a small problem with myself. I just love to hear that fizzzzz when you hit the power just a shade before starting to drag. What happens when you do this is that the excess eliquid vapour, that isn't being drawn off, will condense in the mouth piece, where it cools and pools. The taste of a couple of straight shots will quickly break you from this, or at least remind you not to vape like me!

I hate to say this, but all the above is the voice of experience speaking. Hopefully by sharing this with you I can help you to avoid my own slowcoach mistakes. 

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26th Feb 2015 Vape Maestro

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