A Tobacco Free Britain......

  • The British Medical Association (BMA) has an ambitious target of a tobacco-free society by 2035. 
  • Doctors are backing a proposal for a new policy that, if it were to go ahead, would see the sale of cigarettes banned to anyone born after the year 2000.

The controversial proposal has reportedly provoked a very lively debate during the BMA annual representatives meeting held in Harrogate. Speaking at this meeting Dr Tim Crocker-Buqué who is a research assistant in academic public health based in London, said: "The level of harm caused by smoking is unconscionable.’ adding that " 80% of smokers started the habit and addiction as teenagers and that banning the sale of cigarettes to those born after 2000 would help create the first tobacco-free generation."

Doctors treat people who are sick and therefore, have a great interest in ensuring that their patients (that's us) remain in the best health possible. Tobacco has for such a long time been known as one of the greatest enemies to health and we know that it causes many diseases which are life limiting and fatal.

Whilst as smokers we enjoyed our cigarettes, there are amongst us many who wished they could break the habit and conquer their addiction. Dr Crocker-Buqué claimed that during the 20th Century '100 million people had died from tobacco-related illness and that two in three smokers wished they could stop, while nine in 10 wished they had never started." I wonder how many of you reading this now will count yourselves amongst one, or even both of those groups? I wonder how many of you have tried and failed to kick smoking to the curb before now?

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  • Say hello to a healthy you.
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  • Warmly welcome improved senses of taste and smell.
  • Jump up and down as you greet a bigger bank balance and have more cash in your pocket.
  • You are just a few steps away from embarking on a new you. A you with a brighter, healthier future, free from tobacco.

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11th Jul 2014 Support@exhalecigarette.co.uk

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