5 Basic Rules of Vaping Etiquette

5 Basic Rules of Vaping Etiquette

Good manners cost you nothing, but they can gain you a lot. 

That was one of my dad's favourite sayings and I am happy to admit, it is one that I have passed along to my own children. 

Unfortunately, this seems to have been a lesson that many vapers have failed and are failing to learn. 

I am not by any means downing anyone for enjoying their ecig, as they see fit but, if we are going to win the social battles that we can't fail to note, many would like to see us lose, we do need to do our best not to alienate the public at large, and TNIS means that some basic rules of vaping etiquette need to be established and practiced.

I don't proclaim myself as an expert on such matters, however, I have spent a great deal of time observing how people react to electronic cigarette use and what seems to cause the biggest issues and from my observations, I have formed my own basic set of rules for proper behaviour, which I would share with you here.

1. Don't Play the Vicar

No one likes to be preached to unless they're in church. Discussions are fine, and advocacy is a wonderful thing, but leave the sermons in the pulpit, and the long speeches for the peacocks in Parliament. As dear Winston once said, "It seems the more you speak, the less people hear what you have to say."

2. Don't Vape Where it is Not Allowed

You would think this rule would be common sense, and yet, I have seen it repeatedly broken. Yes, as educated and knowledgeable people, we know that there is no danger from second hand vapour, but that doesn't mean that we can simply do as we please. 

Just as a business, a club, a restaurant or an office has a right to set standards for attire, so to do,they have a right to decide whether or not they will allow electronic cigarette use,within their premises. When you break their rules you make us all look like self important, pompous asses. 

This also means NO STEALTHING either!!! 

3. Ask Before You Vape

This ties in with rule 2. If you're not sure whether it is OK to vape, just ask. It will not only save you from making a social faux-pas, but it will also serve to reveal yourself, and vapers in general, to be considerate people.

4. No Cloud Chasing, Nor Blowing Vapour in People's Faces

I put these two together as in one rule because for me, they amount to the same thing. Again, we know there is no danger in second hand vapour, but that doesn't mean it doesn't cause anxiety in others. 

We know there is no danger in garlic-breath but that doesn't mean, even if we love garlic we'd want it in our faces! 

Just because you love your eliquid doesn't mean everyone will, even other vapers.

5. Don't Mess with Someone Else's Electronic Cigarette

You would think this one would be obvious, but it might surprise you to hear that on more than one occasion people have picked up my ecig and fiddled around with it. One bloke even took a drag without asking, and came very close to taking 'hit' of a very different kind.

26th Feb 2015 Vape Maestro

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