10 + 1 Reasons Electronic Cigarettes are Better than Boyfriends/Girlfriends

We are all social animals, being social is just part of human nature, but, lets be honest, being in a relationship can be hard work. 

There are all those little he/she differences of perspective to deal with.... There are always the other person’s feelings to take into consideration....  there are those little niggling issues that always crop up and make life a little less enjoyable and all this makes having a relationship with your mod seem like, well, a much better deal.

Don’t agree? Just keep reading and I’ll prove my point.

  1. Electronic Cigarettes are easy to turn on. Throw the switch and your e-cig gets hot anytime. No dinner or flowers required. No movies or the need to talk sweet. Just stroke their button and get an instant response.
  2. Electronic cigarette companies don’t lie about length, either time or distance, 9 in. never turns out to be 6, and hours of promised burn never ends up being minutes.
  3. Eliquid doesn’t get jealous. If you start feeling a little burnt-out with the same old flavour, your eliquid doesn’t mind if you try something a little different. You can even mix and match... chocolate, vanilla, Asian and Latin spice all at once, and it won’t say a word.
  4. If your e-cig starts giving out all it takes is a fresh shot of juice (e-juice, no gin or vodka required) and it’s right back in the action. It takes only seconds rather than hours.
  5. Electronic Cigarettes never pout. If you stroke their buttons, turn them on and then get distracted, they don’t mind if you don’t hit it.
  6. When you’re done your e-cigarette is done to. It will never whine about wanting to snuggle up, or ask you to make a sandwich. You can even roll over and go to sleep without any complaints.
  7. Electronic cigarettes are customisable. So they're never too big, nor too small. You can make them a perfect fit, for your complete satisfaction, every time.
  8. You can hold and even fondle your e-cig in public without getting slapped!
  9. When you get a new electronic cigarette, you don’t have to wonder if it’s clean, who might of used it before you, or what they might have left behind.
  10. No matter how you act, Electronic Cigarettes are loyal. You can use them, lay them down, leave them at home, try another brand, even juggle them around with several others and they will never complain or leave you. When you’re ready for them again, they will be right where you left them waiting to continue, as if nothing ever happened.

Bonus + 1

Electronic Cigarettes are always available; 24/7, 365. Always ready to go. They have no sick friends or family, they never have a match to play, they don’t have that mate that comes around who let's be honest, you really don't like... you  know, they just pop in regular s clockwork and seem to hang around all week.

I think we can call this a point well made, but please feel free to leave your own thoughts on the subject below!

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30th Jan 2015 Dan The Man

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