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Aspire K3 Starter Kit

Aspire's trademark quality shines through in the K3 Quick Start kit which is the latest edition to the enormously popular K series of products.

The K3 Glassomiser simply oozes with its chic industrial styling and is a pleasure to use. Rugged in its construction, its chimney, drip tip and end points are made from surgical grade stainless steel while its clear view impermeable pyrex glass tubed belly provides you with the full TPD complaint 2ml of liquid capacity.

Ultra reliable the battery provides ready to go power and comes in a package that is beautiful to look at as well as to hold. Its exterior is sleek, the K3's battery cover being carbon fibre coated, toughened and scratch resistant. Even throughout the rigours of daily life you can be assured it will retain its good looks throughout its long lifetime.

Under the cover is a huge 1200mAh of power storage, always at the ready to roar into life at the touch of a button. The battery is packed with many safety features which includes short circuit and over heating protection and it can be locked down via the 5 click on/off function which protects your stored power from accidental discharge when it is not in use.

In two options Aspire's K3 Quick Start kit is available in back or pink. The Black battery option K3 Glassomiser is colour co-ordinated with matte black metal parts while the Pink option has its metal parts in lustrous stainless steel.  

Your K3 kit is supplied with 2 x 1.8Ω Nichrome Nautilus coil heads one of which has been pre-fitted. The 1-8oHm coil is suitable for vaping at voltages between 4.2 - 5.5volts. For those who prefer a cooler or a warmer vape the K3 can also be fitted with the Nautilus 1.6Ω or 2.1Ω Nichrome coils (available separately).  All Nautilus replacement coils can be found here -> Nautilus Coils

What's In The Box?

1 x K3 1200mAh 5.5volt battery (in either black or pink)
1 x K3 2ml capacity K3 Glassomiser tank (black or stainless)
2 x 1.8Ω replacement atomiser coil heads (one of which is preinstalled)
1 x micro USB charging cable

Features & Specs

K3 Battery

510 threaded connection
Airflow inlet slots for safety
Micro USB Charging

Dimensions - Height 84mm x Width 18mm

K3 Glassomiser

2.0ml capacity
Pyrex Glass tube & Stainless steel construction
1.8Ω(4.2-5.5V) Kanthal Nichrome coil
Organic cotton wick


Heigh 55mm x Width 18mm (with drip tip fitted)

Drip tip - Heigh 18mm x Width 8.5mm

User Information:


Always use the charging lead provided with your kit - For your safety you should never use leads or adaptors from other devices

Connect the micro USB plug of the lead to the port slot in the base of the battery then connect to the chosen power source. Either

  • Connect the USB plug to the USB port/slot of your PC to begin charging or
  • Connect to the domestic household mains using a suitable adaptor (must be purchased separately that has been supplied specifically for charging electronic cigarette equipment. 

During charging via PC -  Do not allow your PC to enter sleep mode - Sleep mode is used to conserve power and  while sleeping will cease to send power  to the USB ports, halting/interrupting the charging process. 

Remove your battery from your charging source as soon as charging cycle is completed.


NEVER use an adaptor that has been supplied for use with other electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, eReaders etc. as these are too powerful and thus would present fire hazard.

NEVER leave a charging electronic cigarette battery unattended,

NEVER charge overnight.


The K3 Glassomiser tank is filled from the bottom.

Hold the tank with its mouthpiece/drip tip pointed down toward the floor and unscrew the base section.

Fill into the glass belly of the tank ensuring that no liquid enters the chimney (in the centre).

When filled, replace base section and turn upright again.

When using a new K3 glassomiser, or when a new coil has been fitted, you should always wait 2-3 minutes for the wick to become properly soaked before vaping. See note below.

Coil Change

Coils can be replaced without liquid loss even with a tank full of liquid. This is because the coil head is fitted in the base section that is removed during filling.

Hold your K2 as you do to fill with mouthpiece directed downward. Unscrew spent coil from the base section and replace with a new one.

Fill or top up with liquid if needed.

Replace the base section and turn the K3 upward.

Wait 2 - 3 minutes for liquid to be absorbed into wicks.


Failure to wait the recommended time with new device/newly replaced coil can cause 'dry burn'. This term is used to describe when the organic cotton wick is heated by the coil without there being adequate liquid to properly wet it. 

When dry burn occurs the cotton wick fibres become charred and carbonised. This carbon can then leach into your tank of liquid discolouring it and also altering its flavour thus spoiling your enjoyment. There is no fix for dry burn and the coil should be replaced.


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Warranty Information

Exhale's products are covered by a 30 Day Guarantee. 'Exhale' recommends that purchasers be aware that electronic cigarettes, their atomisers and batteries, although made to the highest standards, are functional devices that may fail and will deteriorate over a period of time, more so if in daily use. As a general guide; an atomiser has an 'in use' life-span of approx. 14-40 days. A battery in constant use has a life-span of approx. 4-6 months (an estimated 300 recharge cycles). Atomisation Devices All products classed as being an atomisation device (inc. tanks, clearomisers and coils) are sold as disposable products. Atomisation devices must be maintained by being replaced regularly - on average somewhere between 14-40 days dependant on usage. As disposable products they fall outside of our normal 30 day warranty therefore it is essential that you check your atomisation device(s) as soon as possible following your receipt of them. Any issue or fault found must be notified to us within 48 hours of your receipt. Please note that we use the Royal Mail Track & Trace system as the day/time of receipt.
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1 Review

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    a great product that delivers what it promises

    Posted by Robert Edward Inston on 5th Sep 2017

    Another successful product from the aspire K series range. It delivers a satisfying vape with the black label e liquids . Easy to use and great flavour vape with long delivery time before recharging. hesitated to give five stars because of the short time of use, but Aspire have historically been great buys for me so do not have significant concerns about durability.
    Exhale continue to provide me with top customer service too.

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