Aspire EVO 75

Aspire EVO 75

Aspire EVO 75

The amazing Sub Ohm Aspire EVO 75 ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE KIT

Please click the product below to find out more & choose your favourite colour option.


When placing your order you may wish to add a USB/UK3Pin changing adapter to your order for domestic mains charging.


In addition to the user guide that is supplied with your electronic cigarette please also refer to our guide on Daily/Weekly Care and Maintenance of your Electronic Cigarette to help keep your vaping smooth and satisfying. 

We have also produced a guide about lithium battery care and safety warnings and strongly recommend all vapers take some time to read and where necessary from time to time to refer back to.  

You can find it under Help & Guides with other useful information we have produced or go directly to the guide by clicking here: Lithium Battery Care & Safety Warnings

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