Aspire 18650 Flat Top 2500mAh Battery 20/40A 3.7v (2-Pack)

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Aspire 18650 Flat Top Battery (2-Pack). 

Amongst the very best in the industry, offering brilliant value and being ultra trustworthy they are a popular first-choice product within the modding community.

Offering powerful high-peformance and long life the 3.7V Aspire 18650 2500mAh high-drain ICR rechargeable battery provides a much longer run time than a standard ICR battery and is designed using Aspire's new Solid Solution technology engineered specifically for high discharge current (max. 20A) applications.

The science behind Solid Solution technology successfully blends the high-capacity characteristics of the colbalt based Li-Ion battery cell with the high safety profile of the manganese based Lithium Li-Mn 204 battery cell. These advancements make this the immediate and preferred choice for those who require high drain ICR18650 battery cells for use within a Personal Vaporiser (Electronic Cigarette), a flashlight, or for any other application that requires a high discharge current whilst also being equally suitable for applications that require a normal drain ICR 18650 battery. 

  • 2500mAh
  • 3.7v
  • Li-Min battery
  • Pulsed discharge:40A
  • Continuous Discharge:20A

Please note:

    • IMR battery cells do not have a protection circuit built in.
    • They should never be discharged below 2.5 volts - as this will reduce the performance and life of your battery.



  • Never completely discharge li-ion battery ( below 2.5V ). 

  • Charge fully before first use.

  • Use only a high quality battery charger.

  • Do not expose to heat.

  • Never charge battery over 4.29V (another reason to use good battery charger).

  • Do not charge unattended.

  • Do not store your li-ion batteries fully charged for extended periods of time.

  • For best results and long life charge the battery as soon as you know it is discharged.

Dont forget your charger!

Nitecore Sysmax Intellicharger i2 

Charges 2 batteries simultaniously and independently; perfect for a light to medium vaper, safe, automatic charging.

Nitecore Sysmax Intellichager i4 

Charges up to 4 batteries simultaniously and independently; perfect for a medium to heavy vaper or for shared, family use. 

  • When charging less than 4 batteries ensure that you check user manual for correct port to use.


  • Vaping products are not suitable for use by anyone under the age of 18, and are not for use by nonsmokers.
  • Nicotine in its pure form is a poison, and can cause harm.
  • All nicotine cartridges and fluid must be kept in a safe place and away from children and pets.
  • The amount of nicotine in a cartridge, if ingested by a small child could cause serious harm. Medical assistance should be sought immediately.
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Warranty Information

Exhale?s products (*excluding exceptions) are covered with a 30 Day Guarantee. *Exceptions: 1. For Health & Safety reasons Eliquids are sold as non-returnable. Please take care when ordering to select the correct strength and flavour. 2. Atomisation devices/coils are covered for a period of 48 hours from receipt. Please ensure your device is functioning properly as soon as you receive it. Exhale recommends that purchasers be aware that electronic cigarette atomisers and batteries, although made to the highest standards, are functional devices that may fail and that they will deteriorate over a period of time, more so if in daily use. As a general guide, an atomiser's lifespan is approx. 14-80 days dependant on usage, and a battery has a life of approx. 1-4 months.
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6 Reviews

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    Aspire 18650 Flat Top 2500mAh Battery 20/40A 3.7v are Great Batteries

    Long lasting and deliver the amps to the coils for a great cloudy vape!

  • 5
    Aspire 18650 2500mAh

    Excellent performance as expected

  • 5
    Aspire 18650 Flat top 2500ma

    Excellent Aspire batteries fast delivery Charged up and in use in 2 hrs. Seem to last a while with a Atlantis tank using 100vg cigar flavor After recent safety issues with fakes on ebay and amazon I decided to pay the bit extra from a proper online shop. Tbh the price is very good as these retail over ĺŁ30ish a pair.

  • 5

    Liquids very good most enjoyable

  • 5
    2500mAh 18650 Aspire

    Bought to replace EFEST cells. Brilliant design. Easily see which end is positive unlike with the EFEST ones. Great value.

  • 5
    Aspire 18650

    Good reliable batteries. Can easily Vape all day with out recharging. A great service from Exhale.

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