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eliquid - Facts & Info

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EXhale's Guide to E-liquid

The Facts about EXhale's e-liquid.

Answers to many of the most common eliquid related questions.

Right from its very beginnings EXhale has aimed to be the not only the UK, but also the worlds’ premier supplier of e-Liquid.

Our objective: to provide eliquid that is of remarkable quality and above all, completely safe.

To achieve our purpose we continuously carry out our own rigorous testing and sampling. As part of our mission we have been in contact with many hundreds of manufacturers and suppliers from around the globe and only when we were satisfied that we had found companies that could deliver without fail and who would meet with our exacting and demanding requirements did we select the liquids for our store.

We have got to know each of the manufacturers individually and know exactly were the eliquids we well comes from. We know how every step of production is carried out and we think that the results of our efforts speak for themselves. We can justifiably hold our hands up and proudly proclaim that EXhale’s e-liquid is far and away the best you can get. We’re confident that when you've tried our eliquids for yourself that you'll agree.

Our e-liquids are:

  • made in Europe (*Premium Decadence & T-Juice only - see below)
  • is without allergens,
  • is not tested on animals,
  • is of pharmaceutical and food grade quality.

EXhale's E-liquid Range begins with our Premium E-Liquids created by Decadent Vapours and T-Juice.

Decadent Vapours: 

The industry standard of excellence, Decadent Vapours are the makers of Decadence Concentrate and Decandence liquids and are are founding members of ECITA


For more information, please follow the link which will take you directly to the homepage of ECITA.

Decandence liquid is VG only and is made in the UK and produced in the EU by Decadent Vapours.

It is 100%VG based and is available in a range of flavours all of which are in 10ml sized bottles and availble in 16mg nicotine strength only.

Click this link to see the full Decadence range now.


    • T-Juice uses the highest quality pharma-grade nicotine (complies with USP and EP specifications).
    • Is produced in the UK from the highest quality ingredients which are sourced within the EU and US.
    • Supplied with fully CHIP compliant packaging and labeling.
    • Strict batch control, ensuring great quality in every little bottle!

T-Juice is created for the adventurous amongst you its flavour menu contains some very unusual flavour combinations.

Click this link to see the T-Juice range now.

EXhale also features its very own very extensive

Quality Black Label range

In our quest to be the UK's No.1 supplier we also wanted to produce our own brand of e-liquid. We wanted to find right manufactuer whom we could trust to produce for us the best e-liquid. It took us a very long time.

We didn't and we don't mess around.

We didn't and we don't take shortcuts.

Everything we do is by the book.

And we didn't stop there. We keep on checking making absolutely sure that every batch meets with our exacting standards and that our manufacture maintains for us the standards of quality - exactly as we demand. 

We expect this. And we know you do too.

We take our responsibilities and your safety seriously and send our Black Label e-liquid to EU laboratories for random testing. We can proclaim that our EXhale Quality Black Label e-Liquid holds: 

  • European CE Certification,
  • RoHS Certification, Germany LFGB – (Lebensmittel, Bedarfsgegenstände and Futtermittelgesetzbuch), 
  • GMP-Good Manufacturing Practice, ISO9001, ISO13485.

Our certificates can be viewed here: (coming soon)

We do all this and yet we continue to keep our prices low - we prefer to say low rather than to say our liquids are cheap. Though admittedly it's true to say that our liquids are the probably cheapest high quality liquids you'll find!

We really want you to enjoy them just as we do too and so we urge you to try them -You will not be disappointed.

See the EXhale Quality Black Label E-liquid Range!

Black Label eliquid is very high quality eliquid that is EXhale branded. It is our best selling nicotine liquid shipped into the UK from our trusted supplier based in China. Black Label Eliquid delivers to you a fantastic very satisfying throat and chest hit offering you incredible and extraordinary value for money (remember, it’s low cost not cheap).

To go there now you can click this link to see our Quality Black Label e-liquid range. 

Quality Black Label E-Liquid is a blended to be 60/40 PG/VG.

It is available premixed in 20ml sized bottles containing nicotine in the following mg strengths per ml:

    • 0 (zero), 8, 12, 18 & 24mg.

It is also available flavourless (for custom blending - see below) in 50ml bottles in the following nicotine mg strengths per ml:

    • 0 (zero), 8, 12, 18, 24 and 36mg nicotine strength.

If you've got questions - we have the answers

You've come to the right place! 

What is E-liquid & What Does It Contain?

E-Liquid is sometime called juice, ejuice, vape oil, nic liquid...

Whatever it is called it is a fluid product used to create vapour while vaping. It is vapourised by the heat produced when your batttery power is released to heat the atomiser of your eCig.

There are 3 components to eliquid:

  • There is the nicotine in liquid form.
  • To which is added the flavouring - which is either naturally or artificially derived but is always of food grade),
  • And there is the base (sometime called dilutant)


Dilutants/base are made from Proplyne Gylcol (PG) and/or Vegetable Glycerine (VG).

  • EXhale's Black Label Range of liquid base is a blend of 60% PG and 40% VG
  • Decadence premium range the dilutant is 100% VG
  • T-Juice is 80%/20 of PG/VG 

What are PG & VG? 

For further information on these and other elements of vaping please refer to our Beginner Guide which contains a glossary of the terms and words used in the eCig industry -Click here to go there now to get the lowdown on just what on earth all these words mean.

PG = Propylene glycol.

A clear, colourless and viscous liquid commonly used in the food and pharmacological industries which has a slightly sweet taste.

Propylene glycol does not cause sensitisation.

PG shows no evidence of being a carcinogen (it doesn’t cause cancer) or of being genotoxic (it doesn’t affect your DNA).

VG = Vegetable glycerin.

Also known as vegetable glycerol, this liquid is similar to PG in that it is common in the food and pharmacological industries and is a carbohydrate derived from plant oils.

VG is used as a sweetener and as an ingredient in a number of cosmetic products.

VG is also used in place of alcohol to extract botanicals.

Nicotine Strength & E-Liquid Flavour

For a more indepth look at this subject we also refer to the EXhale User Manual and to the sub-chapter entitled:

What Flavour & Nicotine Strength Is The Right One For You?

Choosing the right nicotine strength of eliquid is very important.

Our advice when starting out with an e-cigarette is to choose the same nicotine level/strength and a similar taste as your regular cigarette - at least to begin with!

  • If you wish to reduce your nicotine intake just drop down through the doses after you have successfully made the transition.
  • That's also a good time to try other flavours.

Why is it so important?

Matching flavour and nicotine strength will help to ensure you experience a smooth transition to the e-cigarette. This can help to guarantee you continued success in using it as a permanent alternative.

Let's look at these two factors of nicotine strength and liquid flavours in more depth.


Choose a nicotine strength based on matching the type of cigarette you smoke, NOT on the quantity you smoke per day.

You might as an example smoke 1 a day of an ultra-light cigarette but just because you smoke many times in a day this does not mean that you should go with a Super High nicotine level. In this scenario you should choose a low strength nicotine liquid that matches the low dose of nicotine in 1 cigarettes from that pack.

To get it right, check the nicotine content that is stated on your pack or pouch and let this be your guide. 

Please note that a rolling tobacco pouch may have 3 nicotine levels stated on it. This will refer to the thickness of which a cigarette is rolled. The thicker the cigarette rolled and smoked, the more nicotine you will have smoked per roll-up.

The following information shows the equivalent nicotine levels of regular cigarettes to e-cigarettes and eliquid mg:

    • Unfiltered, very strong / Super High / 36 mg
    • Full flavoured, stronger / Extra High / 24 mg
    • Most full flavoured / High / 18 mg
    • Full Flavour Medium / Medium-High / 16mg
    • Light / Medium / 12 mg
    • Ultra-light / Low / 8 mg
    • None / Zero / 0 mg


  • If you choose a nicotine level that is too high you could experience light-headedness. This is because too much/more nicotine is being absorbed into the body that it is used to having.
  • If you choose a level that is too low your vape will simply not satisfy your nicotine craving and can lead to failure to transition successfully.


Choosing The Right Flavour

This requirement discussed above to match your nicotine strength in vaping to that of smoking is also true of choosing your e-liquid flavour. If you choose something that so different from that which you are used to you may not enjoy the taste at all and you risk being unsatisfied, or  you simply wont enjoy it at all. Start with a flavour as close to that of your usual smoke. You can move on and try other flavours later once you have combatted the need to smoke by using your e-cigarette. Who knows, you may even “go off” tobacco flavours entirely!f

If you are smoke menthol cigarettes, choose the menthol flavour.

If you are smoke a branded cigarette choose a tobacco flavour from the range.

How do I use eliquid?

You can use our eliquid to fill (or refill) some ecig cartridges.

Our eliquids are suitable for all tank systems and serve to increase your options as a “Vaper”.

Follow the directions indiecated in your product manual for filling the tank reservoir.

Post Transition

When you have come to the stage in your vaping life where you have successfully managed the transition onto e-cigarettes; without question our customers tell us that they much prefer the experience of vaping to smoking!!!

Things change, your body will begin to recover.

You may find that you are coughing and some people mistakenly will blame eliquid for this. Most often it is not eliquid that causes the cough, but instread it is a sign that your body is recovering from the damage done by years of smoking. Coughing is a sign that the lungs are beginning to work normally. There are little hair like structures in the lungs whose job it is to carry contaminants upwards and out of the lungs, to be moved and expelled by coughing. For so long these structures have been coated with sticky tar unable to move, now they can do their job and there is lots they need to remove. Embrace the cough as a sign things are returing to normal.

Your sense of taste will begin to return and this may be a good time to try some of our other fabulous flavours of E-liquid, We have fruity flavours such as Apple, Orange, Cherry, Pineapple, Mango, Lime and more. Or maybe you will want try something a little different that will tickle your newley awakened taste-buds such as Bourbon, Chocolate or Choc-Mint. These E-liquids have a nice mild flavour and provide for some variety in your regular flavour choices.

You will find you are less breathless, can do more, and feel so much better.

Your sense of smell will improve too, you will probably notice how bad someone who has just smoked and who walks by you smells. That was you a few weeks ago! Your home, your clothes, your hair, your breath, your car and your whole environment will all smell so much better without the stale tobacco smoke odour that was there before. Your newly awakened sense of smell joins your awakened sense of taste and you may notice food smells and tastes so much better than before. 

You dont have to keep going outside and missing the conversation or time with your kids. You dont have to keep making sure you have a lighter, matches or packs of cigarettes. All the extra time and money is yours to enjoy.

Embrace these changes and enjoy them all - you've earned it!

Reducing Nicotine Strength

As part of post-transition, many users wish to reduce their nicotine strength and this should be manages slowly over a period of time and not until some weeks or even months after having transitioned and been using an eCig successfully. We do not recommend this if you are a dual user, only if you have fully transitioned.

You can continue to use the flavours you love throughout the whole reduction process because Black Label eliquid flavours are the same in each of the nicotine strengths. You simply need to buy the flavour(s) you love in progressively lower nicotine levels - until you reach Zero (0mg) and if you wish you can contine to vape just the flavour you enjoyed for so long (or you may have already left that flavour in the past and now enjoy something completely different. How lovely it is to have such choice!

NOTE: Often we will advise customers to purchase a bottle of 0mg nicotine in the same flavour as their usual liquid. The idea is that they mix the 2 in different ratios so that the doseage drop between the avaialble strengths can be done more slowly.

As an example if you were reducing your intake from a premixed 18mg to premixed 12mg (the next lower dose pre-mixed strength) and the drop is too much all at once, you can mix a 0mg with the 18mg of the same flavour to make decreasing doesage before you are ready for the straight 12mg. This means that the flavour impact always remains the same throughout. The only reduction experience is the nicotine dose.

Mixing ratios for this example:

    • Mix together 95% of 18mg with 5% of 0mg. The resulting nictone liquid = 17.1mg
    • 90/10= 16.2mg
    • 85/15 = 15.3mg
    • 80/12 = 14.4mg
    • 75/25 = 13.5mg

At this point a user can swap to buying a 12mg bottle and, after a period of time, if they wish to do the same again use the same dilution ratio of the 12mg and a 0mg until they are down near to 8mg.

By increasing the ratio of 0mg liquid to dilute dosage over time makes sure that those nicotine cravings do not return and threaten your success.

At this point with a 0mg liquid you can keep using the e-cigarette and vaping as often as you wish. This might be only when you get the urge or perhaps at times when you feel you would be at risk (such as in a social sitiation). 

Custom Blends - Make your own liquids!

Many people like to experiment with flavours making their own unique cocktails that of  flavours/strengths not avaiallbe off the shelf.

To this end we provide Black Label in a Flavourless eLiquid in nicotine strengths 0 - 36mg.

Dilutants are also offered in 100 % PG, or VG as well as a 50/50 PG/VG option.

These are to be used with flavour concentrates.


If you decide to custom blend purchase small mixing bottles in which to store your custom liquid blends.

Make notes or what you do and label each bottle produced.Not only do you need to know exactly what you have in it but crucially you will want to know its mix ratio so that if it is the perfect one can easily repeat it. 

If you are setting out to custom blend we strongly advise that you research this topic carefully and that you pay close attention to the quantities of the nicotine liquid to dilutant and concentrate you have used.

Very high strength nicotine liquids sold for mixing purposes should never be used without diluting with base. 

Bear in mind too that flavour concentrate is very, very powerful. Count the drops you use and start small. You can always add more if it is not impactful enough for you, but if you have used to much you can’t take it back out again and risk wastage.

    • A syringe is useful for accurate measurement in your recipes!

We have found many online tools some of which are downloadable that can be used for custom blending. These tools calculate for you the exact quantities of each ingredient you need to create a specified volume of liquid. We recommend you perform a web search using a term such as "eliquid calculator'. Vaping forums are also a great place for advice and where you can share your recipies!

Everything you need in one place!

If you are keen to dabble in this area of liquid creation for your vaping, head over to our Mixing Accessories area. We have there a fine selection of concentrates, dilutant bases and nicotine liquids, mixing bottles and syringes.

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