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CE5 Important User Information

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The instructions within this guide are ESSENTIAL to all users of the following products:

eGo CE5 clearomiser   eGo CE5 Starter Kit   eGo CE5 Mini Starter kit. 

This information and the instructions that follow should be read BEFORE filling with eliquid.


The manual supplied with the eGo CE5 Starter Kit state that it is an eGo CE4*. This is because the manufacturer calls this product a CE4, however, within the UK this device is always known as a CE5.

*An eGo CE4 clearomiser is compatible and can be used with the kit however please note that the CE4 Clearomiser while refillable is a disposable product. Unlike the CE5 clearomiser it cannot be maintained by having replacement coils filled.

Using the eGO CE5 Clearomiser

BEFORE first use the coil of the eGo CE5 Clearomiser must be PRE-TIGHTENED.

The coil and/or shell of the eGo CE5 clearomiser will or may not have been properly tightened at the factory where it was manufactured.

It is essential then BEFORE first use/filling that the coil is PRE-TIGHTENED and the shell properly secured.

Failure to carry out the pre-tightening procedure as outlined below may result in device failure of, damage to, or poor performance from your device..


If the coil is not secure there will be either a complete failure of the device from the outset or, it may only work intermittently as the coil fails to make proper contact and the electrical circuit with the battery is compromised With no power being applied to it, the coil will not heat to vapourise the eliquid. 

Additionally a loose coil and/or shell may cause leakage which risks damaging the battery and thus will spoil your enjoyment of the product. 

When tightening a coil or shell do not apply excessive pressure. Finger tight only is required.

To Disassemble the eGO CE5 Clearomiser:  (in order to tighten or to replace the coil):

  1. Hold the smooth metal collar between the finger and thumb of one hand.

  2. Hold the knurled, roughened collar in the same way in the other hand.

  3. Now unscrew away from each other to open up the unit.

    • NEVER unscrew by only holding the plastic shell as this will break the seal between the joints resulting in at best leakage and, at worst a total breakage of the clearomiser.

To remove/change the coil head:

  1. Grip top part of the internal column and unscrew.

  2. Replace with new replacement coil and tighten into place.

When using a new coil always allow the device when filled to stand for at least 2 minutes to allow the wicks to be saturated well and begin their capillary action. Failure to do so will lead to dry burn permanently damaging coil and wick and thus very poor vape quality.

To pre-tighten the coil head:

  1. Grip the top section of the internal column and tighten.

  • Finger tight is sufficient.

Reassembling the clearomiser:

Screw the two parts back together holding the metal collars in exactly the same way as instructed in disassembly (above).

Do not over tighten - Secure to be finger tight only.

Over-tightening will dislodge or squeeze the washer seals out of shape which will cause damage to them resulting in liquid leakage.

Do not hold by or apply pressure to the plastic shell of the tank.

Doing so will break the seal between the plastic shell and the smooth metal collar resulting in liquid leakage.

* For the same reason, do not carry or store the device in a trouser pocket or loose in a bag where pressure from other objects or movement (such as sitting down) can also damage and/or break this seal. 

Battery Change:

  • When removing the clearomiser from the battery always hold the knurled collar only. Never by the plastic shell.

  • Clean the battery (see Daily Care below) before attaching it to the charging lead to avoid contaminating the charging lead contact point or connection threads with liquid residue.

  • Keeping battery and charging lead contact points and threads clean and clear aids good contact which results in better charging and better vaping.

Filling/Refilling the eGo CE5 Clearomiser:

  1. Remove mouthpiece by unscrewing from the clearomiser body and set aside.

  2. Uncap eliquid bottle.
  3. Hold the body of the eGo CE5 clearomiser at a 45 degree angle and position nozzle of the eliquid bottle into the top aimed to the side of the tank. This will ensure that as you fill the eliquid goes into the tank and does not enter or flood into the central shaft/chimney (see note below).

  4. Slowly and gently fill with Exhale eliquid. Excessive speed/pressure of fill can result in flooding (see note below).

  5. Replace mouthpiece, recap liquid bottle and place safely out of reach of children and pets.

  6. Mop up any spills.

  7. Wash/dry hands carefully.

NOTE: If eliquid is allowed to flood or enter into the central pillar/chimney it will pool inside. Once inside it can leak into the battery cavity causing permanent damage to the battery or very small quantities can be sucked up during vaping. Whilst vapourised and inhaled liquid tastes wonderful, unvapourised eliquid in the mouth or on the lips tastes rather unpleasant.

Daily Care:

It is absolutely in your best interests to keep your electronic cigarette well maintained. Our daily maintenance procedure takes under 2 minutes of your time is simple and easy. It will save you money and keep your vape fresh and clean. We recommend that this is done when you need to refill/top up your tank and recharge your battery.

  1. Tightly twist the corner of a tissue and push it into the mouthpiece, turning it around inside. This will absorb moisture and unvaped product residue. Alternatively, you may wish to wash your mouthpiece in warm soapy water before rinsing under running water and allowing to air dry. Take care not to loose the silicone o ring. 

  2. Next twist another corner of the tissue and push into the top of the battery wriggling it around to clean any absorb all residue then wipe over the battery screw threads. Cleaning your battery cavity and its screw threads each day (before charging) will prevent liquid residue from being transferred to the charging lead. Thus the contact points of the battery and charging lead are kept clean and clear for the most effective charging.

  3. Now make another corner twist with your tissue and wriggle this into the bottom of your clearomiser and around the inner threads to mop up any liquid residue.

  4. Reassemble your battery and clearomiser. (If necessary top up with eliquid - see Filling above). Replace cleaned/washed mouthpiece making sure the o ring is in place.  Wipe over the entire unit to mopping up any runs or spills of liquid.

  5. Dispose of used tissue in to the household waste-bin.

  6. Please all eliquid and vaping supplied out of reach of children and pets

  7. Wash and dry hands thoroughly.

Storage and Transportation:

If your unit is accidentally knocked or dropped, the unit and/or its seals can be broken causing leakage.

A knock or drop can also cause product failure. A coil that has been in use for a while being heated and cooled as it is used to vape can become brittle and a sharp jolt/knock can break the wire. If this occurs, replace the coil.

Look after your device and it will serve you well.

A normal cigarette would become bent, broken and unusable if it was carried outside of the pack, kept it on its own in a pocket or bag. Although it is larger and is more robust than a paper covered tobacco cigarette an eCig device can become damaged when proper care is not taken.

Your device is intended to be used again and again over a long period of time. A cigarette on the other-hand is smoked and discarded.

You have paid good money for your eCigarette and it has a big job to do so we advise that you carry out daily care and maintenance, change the coil regularly and that you make use a carry case for when your device is not in use. Never carry or store an eCigarette device in a trouser pocket or in a bag where accidental pressure or force can be exerted upon it causing at best leakage and at worse complete breakage and failure.

If your eGo CE5 device is dropped it can cause the seals between the smooth collar and the plastic shell casing to be breached causing leakage. so Protect it from being dropped or mishandled by transporting it protected in its carry case.


  • Failure to pre-tighten the coil can result in liquid leakage because seals are not properly made. This leakage will seep into the battery cavity and or over the exterior of the unit.

  • Failure to pre-tighten the coil can also result in poor, intermittent or no contact being made between coil/atomiser and battery. Without or with only intermittent contact, the electrical circuit will fail and so with no heat eliquid will not be vapourised.

  • Holding the roughened/knurled collar and the smooth collar above when opening or closing the atomiser to pre-tighten or change the coil. Do not grip the clearomiser by the plastic shell as this will breach the seals and will cause leakage and permanent damage.

  • When changing the battery always hold the roughened/knurled collar. Never the smooth collar or plastic shell.

  • Maintain your device by daily cleaning and change the coils regularly to keep your vaping clean and crisp.

  • When fitting a new coil, always allow a minute or two once liquid is filled for the wicks to become saturated and begin their capillary action.


  • This product is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18 and is not for use by non-smokers.

  • Please keep all cartridges and fluid out of reach from all children and pets.

  • Nicotine in its pure form is a poison, and can cause harm.

  • The amount of nicotine in a cartridge, if ingested by a small child could cause serious harm and if ingested medical assistance should be sought immediately. 

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