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EXCLUSIVE to EXhale Platinum Edition and Platinum Max VG are two new eliquid ranges we've designed and created especially for you.

Platinum range eliquids are blended in the UK to our own exacting specifications and following the most stringent quality standards. All of our eliquids are certified and compliant with UK regulatory requirements.

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E-Cigs are Propping up U.K.’s High Streets

Posted by Dan on

North, South, East or West it's been obvious for some time that bricks-and-mortar stores on High Streets across the length and breadth of Britain have been having a rough go of it lately with, according to a recent report as many as 1 out of 10 retail spaces now standing empty.

Much of the blame has to be due to the freedom and ease by which we can buy goods online. Why go to the trouble of physically shopping for ourselves when we can shop online and have our produce delivered right to the door?

However, despite the sad decline witnessed in High Street shopping, Vape Stores have been bucking the trend and have been popping up all over the place. Reports showing that in the offline world unlike many, Vape Shops are experiencing steady growth. The Bloomberg Economic Report tells us that Electronic Cigarette stores have seen a 445% growth rate since 2010 and furthermore, they are showing no signs of slowing down.

So why are these stores seemingly immune to the digital downfall that's been striking at the heart of other business types? 

Well, largely this is due to the steady increase in new customers which in turn is attributed to the fact that we are are so much better informed these days. We have access to so much information. Online and in our pockets news travels between us and across the entire globe at fantastic speed and as a result, people have heard about eCigarettes, and how vaping is providing a way to become free and unburdened after years and years of difficulties trying to escape the dangerous clutches of the traditional tobacco cigarette.

As people learn of this wonderful tool, for many reasons they might be nervous to trust it. It's only natural to want to learn more and if possible to get hands-on with it as soon as possible. A High Street store is perfect then, offering in one neat package a person who can provide expert help and the answers to questions relieving all of those anxieties right away.. Inside of an actual store they can physically feel, touch, hold and and even try an e-Cigarette - which is a revelation a fact that is echoed when the owner of one such High Street shops interviewed by The Bloomberg report stated "When people come in they're physically shaking at the idea of giving up cigarettes. They 're anxious and we need to be in front of these people reassuring them."

EXhale may not be there on your High Street, however we are here with a store that is open all day every day. 

We are real people, we are vapers ourselves who, having ourselves discovered this electronic marvel, absolutely thrive on providing the best help and all the encouragement we can. EXhale will provide you with support whatever stage you're at and are proud to be doing our part in keeping Britain strong.

The Bloomberg Report - eCig Shops Propping up Britain's High Streets

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Two New Vaping Studies Provide Duh Moments This Week

Two New Vaping Studies Provide Duh Moments This WeekSometimes the surprising news in the vaping world is that so many learned people can study the same data, run the same experiments and still act surprised when they get the same results. Of course, this isn't necessarily the case, but usually, the dissenting opinions come more [...]

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Aspire Plato - All in One - The One for All

The World Of VapingConsidering their amazing versatility, it wont be exactly earth-shattering news to you that 'all-in-one' kits are the new big thing! Winning best of breed, perhaps the most accomplished of them all is the incredible - Aspire Plato A true all-rounder in every sense of the word Aspire Plato not only performs well it has [...]

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Have You Noticed The TPD?

Have You Noticed The TPD?It has been approximately four months since the European Union's Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) was put into effect across the UK; its effects on the vaping community were entirely predictable.  We are seeing e-cigs advertised much less:-due to the limits placed on how they can be promoted. Packaging has started to be a [...]

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Experience of Exhale's new PLATINUM EDITION ELIQUID (with customer survey)

I've been totally utterly hooked on menthol flavoured eliquid for ages now and even though Im now nicotine free I just can't do without that bite it gives me at the back of the mouth and deep in my chest. Along the way since having taken up the battery powered wonder that is the eCig I've [...]

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E-Juice Steeping 101

E-Juice Steeping 101In an earlier post, I talked about the advantages of stepping or ageing your e-liquid before using it. At the end of that article, I said there would be a follow-up piece, to start teaching you more about how to steep e-juice. As always, we mean what we say so here is your [...]

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As there was a news report this week which stated as its headline that "vaping could be as bad for your heart as smoking".... We ask how true is this? Should we be questioning more how the data is collected?

A rather damning report appeared on the ITN News website this week following the publication of a new study which was carried out at the University of Athens Medical School. The report which was also published to in the Daily Telegraph warns that "vaping could be as bad for your heart as smoking".Twenty four adults with a [...]

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Brand New Products - Same Great Exhale Service

Our dedicated eliquid customers have been weathering the storm rather in recent weeks as in the wake of the implementation of the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) legislations Exhale have been struggling to secure its usual stock of the incredibly popular Exhale branded Black Label eliquid. IMany of you have been in contact with us as [...]

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The TPD - Act NOW - UK News.

Today May 20th is the day when new legislations under the European Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) come into force across the UK.Most of the TPD deals with actual tobacco products as its name implies it should. However, despite some very hard fought battles some of which are still taking place, the TPD has cast its net [...]

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E-Juice as Fine as Wine

E-Juice as Fine as WineI've written several times, in these articles, about the joy of mixing your own original flavours and creating e-liquids that are exactly to your taste, but I have to admit that there is one subject that I have been remiss in covering. That is the steeping of your e-liquid.For those unfamiliar [...]

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