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Battery Chargers & Adaptors

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EXCLUSIVE to EXhale Platinum Edition and Platinum Max VG are two new eliquid ranges we've designed and created especially for you.

Platinum range eliquids are blended in the UK to our own exacting specifications and following the most stringent quality standards. All of our eliquids are certified and compliant with UK regulatory requirements.

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A full & complete range of charging solutions for your electronic cigarette battery

Charger & Adaptors available include

The eGo USB fast charge lead suitable for the eGo and 510 screw threaded standard battery.
The Aspire USB fast charge lead which is for use with both the Aspire CF Sub Ohm & the CF G-Power series of batteries
The VeHo USB to UK 3 pin plug adapter as recommended by ECITA
A USB to 12v Car charging adapter and our LiPo Guard Safety Charging Bag.

For recharging of 18650 Lithium Battery Cells please visit our MOD section chargers. You can go there now by clicking here - > MOD CHARGERS



EXhale strongly recommends the use of a LiPo Guard Safety Charging Bag when recharging an electronic cigarette battery. 

Please view our online guide Lithium Batteries - Care & Safety Warnings. Other useful tips and tricks can also be found within our comprehensive Help & Guides area.


Make sure to keep the contact points of your battery and its charger clean and free from liquid residues and to ensure efficient charging and a better quality of vaping experience.

To avoid transfer of residue from battery to charging equipment we recommend a daily care regime carried out just before charging is begun.


Always ensure you charge using the correct equipment. If in doubt, please don't hesitate to contact us before making your purchase. We are very happy to help.

Never use an adaptor that has not been provided specifically for use with an electronic cigarette battery. Adaptors supplied with devices such as mobile phones and tablets are too powerful for an electronic cigarettes and present real fire hazard and can result in injury.

Always charge safely. Please take time to read our guidance Lithium Battery Care & Safety Warnings

Never charge overnight or leave a charging battery unattended.

Never charge with a lead that is damaged nor attempt to charge  a damaged battery. Consider using a LiPo Guard Safety Charging Bag for extra security. 

If charging while abroad or in a vehicle also read our guide Charging Abroad or In Your Vehicle


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